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Powerful Cloud Data Refresh and Report Delivery

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Refresh and delivery service

Nothing to install, runs on any device
  • 100’s of already built dashboards and reports
  • Often, these are what you need, there’s nothing to install or learn!
  • Customization requests gladly implemented!
  • Upload dashboards you build with Excel tool
  • Automated refresh and delivery
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Excel Design Tool

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Web Analytics Software

Everything you need to build and distribute custom reports. Easy to learn, effortless to operate.
  • Build your own custom reports
  • Publishes to Google Drive and email and Google Spreadsheet
  • Publish to databases, MySQL, Amazon Web Services Databases, Microsoft Azure Databases

Competitively priced from as low as $16.65 per month. Site licenses and customization available.

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Sample Reports (this is a small subset!)

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