Web and Social Media Analytics in Excel

Full access to Google Analytics, Adwords, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

Priced from 19.95/month or $199.95/year — with no limits on number of profiles and accounts

Work with tables and charts, fully customizable


Zero-Touch Data refresh


Built-in business intelligence, extend your analysis


Get the answers you need, eliminate guesswork, eliminate delays.


Easy to share reports: Excel, web, mobile, Google Drive, Google Data, Visualization, Tableau


Includes Cost-Data Upload


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Power and flexible access to Google Analytics data

Google Analytics Overview
Powerful, state of the art access to Google Analytics Data in Excel


Includes Cost-Data Upload


Unlimited number of profiles and data

Twitter Data Mining and Analytics in Excel

Twitter Overview
Download Followers, even if they’re not your own


Download Tweets, yours and other’s people’s Tweets


Download Mentions


Download Retweets


Download Hashtag usage


See how your metrics/statistics are trending


Be alerted to unusual situations

Facebook Analytics and Data Mining in Excel

Facebook Overview
Extract Wall Post content (inbound and outbound)


Get user comments, shares and likes, into Excel


See how Facebook metrics are trending


Be alerted to unusual situations

Adwords Analytics in Excel

Download any data from your Adwords account


Build custom analytics and get exactly the information you need to reduce your Ad Spend


Get more conversions by developing custom reports


Easily refreshable, up-to-the-moment reports

YouTube Data Mining and Analytics in Excel

YouTube Overview

Subscribers. Engagement, Posts, Views, Comments, Likes, Traffic Sources

Supports multiple channels


Trends of views and subscribers counts.


Top ranking videos and channels


Traffic sources


Video and channel posts, views, comments, subscribers and favorites.


Trends in posting activity, including page administrator and subscriber posts.


Most watched videos.


Engagement trends

Bring data from multiple sources into one report


More than 50,000 Dashboards in
Thousands of Organizations across 35 Countries






Saving Me Time!

TSG_webStats. NEXT Analytics has been a great product for me. I don’t even go directly into Google Analytics that much because it provides so much more of what I need. It has also helped me answer a lot of data questions that I have when looking at GA alone. I already passed my recommendation along to other internal teams. Thanks Ward and Mike!

Excellent Tool For Analytics Tracking

CentrumSEO. Being able to transform information from Google into easily readable dashboards for clients that helps explain growth and KPI’s has been an enormous benefit to the way we engage clients regarding their website performance. The support from NEXT Analytics is second to none and nothing seems like too much trouble for any of the representatives I have spoken with. When you speak with the support team they all seem to have your information and background in hand which saves so much time.

Excellent Addition to Google Analytics

Antony Bradshaw. NEXT Analytics is an excellent addition to Google Analytics, it helps us to manipulate the information from Google Analytics into a usable format. I am able to answer questions that are difficult to answer using the standard reports in Google. The automation is easy to use. The service received when answering questions is brilliant. They are always quick to respond and the always have a really helpful answers.

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