Customizable Web and Social Analytics

Download web and social media data directly into your computer

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

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Google Adwords

Google Adwords

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Facebook Data Mining and Analytics


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Twitter Data Mining and Analytics


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Instagram Data Mining and Analytics


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YouTube Data Mining and Analytics


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Our powerful software installs on your own computer (Windows and Mac) and downloads all the data you need, directly to your computer, without the need to store it temporarily on a server which gives you an ultra-secure environment that’s totally under your control.

Works on multiple accounts and profiles and pages

Built in query engine lets you process the data, easily converting your data into powerful customized business intelligence.

  • Combine data from various profiles into single reports
  • Filter the data to dynamically create groups and remove whatever is unwanted
  • Sort to find the top ranking and least performing data

Distribute reports using a wide range of choices

Re-use our samples, customize and build your own reports, then automate the refresh and distribution process. You have a wide range of choice for distributing the information you’ve prepared and it’s fully automated!

  • Excel
  • Google Spreadsheet,
  • Send XLSX and PDF by email,
  • Store files in Google Drive
  • Create mobile friendly sites
  • Store data to a local database, or
  • upload to a cloud database on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud SQL, or Microsoft Azure.


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