Download and analyze data

Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Salesforce, SQL databases, and more.

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Download to Spreadsheets and Databases

Build Reports and Dashboards using Excel or a Reporting tool

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Fully Automated Data Access

Update your spreadsheets and databases -- Completely Automatic!

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Save time, and get the information you need

Excel as a Dashboard Tool

NEXT Analytics can easily pull data directly into Excel. Once the data is there, many people have the skills to develop custom reports and dashboards that go beyond what you can get from other tools. It's supported by a fully automated data refresh process.

Excel gives you maximum efficiency and complete flexibility.

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Use Database Query Tools to build reports/dashboards

Download data using our powerful query engine. Process it locally, convert it from raw data into business intelligence. Use a wide range of SQL based query tools for your dashboards and reports. Get better response and more independence, stop struggling with quotas and data sampling.

Saving your processed query results to a database gives you a vast choice in platforms and tools, delivering maximum efficiency and complete flexibility.

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Google Analytics

Complete access to all GA data. Build reports the fetch all your profiles and segments, together. Perform complex custom comparisons. Use powerful tools to visualize trends, outliers, patterns. Google Cost data upload included. Save it to a database to make it Big data friendly. Benefit from better security, avoid hitting sampling limits and quotas. Our query capability is easier and more powerful than Google's own custom reports and widgets. (click to learn more)

Google Analytics

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Google Adwords

Pull all data about campaigns, ad groups, keywords, position, costs, impressions, clicks, rates. Segment by gender, age, click type, device, networks. More flexibility than Adwords reporting. (click to learn more)

Google Adwords

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Facebook Data Mining and Analytics

Download the posts, comments, shares, likes for any Fan Page. Download Facebook Insights data to measure Fan Pages, domains, Apps and widgets. (click to learn more)


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Twitter Data Mining and Analytics

Get Followers, even if there are millions. Get Profiles and Tweets. Search and Analyze Hashtags, Mentions and Retweets. (click to learn more)


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Instagram Data Mining and Analytics

Get media, tag, and user data. Measure engagement. Get trends of tags, comments and likes. (click to learn more)


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YouTube Data Mining and Analytics

Get channels and video data as well as subscriber lists. Measure engagement. Get trends of comments and likes. Analyze traffic sources. (click to learn more)


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