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You can easily get Google Analytics, AdWords, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube
into Excel, Google Spreadsheets, databases and other apps.

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Build your own custom analytic queries

Unlimited number of profiles, no volume limit

Customize the look using Excel

Automated Data Refresh

Automated delivery of PDF and XLSX to inbox

Publish to Google Spreadsheet

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Microsoft Excel: Perfect for Custom Reports and Dashboards

NEXT eliminates that tedious process of exporting data and then importing it into Excel.

Working in Excel means one less tool (or one tool instead of many)

Excel is a familiar interface

Excel lets you combine data from multiple data sources into a single dashboard

Use Excel formulas, charts, and pivot tables

Excel lets you define and calculate customized KPIs

In Excel, you can build dashboards just the way you like them

Share Excel workbooks with other Excel users or export them to PDF

Get your data out of social media platforms — not just a limited amount or a sampled size

Google Analtyics Overview

Power and flexible access to Google Analytics data

Upgrade from Excellent Analytics

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Both for $9.95/month  Both for $99.95/year

Twitter Overview

Twitter Analytics in Excel

Download Followers, even if they’re not your own

Download Tweets, yours and other’s people’s Tweets

Download Mentions

Download Retweets

Download Hashtag usage

See how your metrics/statistics are trending

Be alerted to unusual situations

Facebook Overview

Analyze what happens on Facebook Walls

Extract Wall Post content (inbound and outbound)

Get user comments, shares and likes, into Excel

See how Facebook metrics are trending

Be alerted to unusual situations

Adwords Analytics

Download any data from your Adwords account

Build custom analytics and get exactly the information you need to reduce your Ad Spend

Get more conversions by developing custom reports

Easily refreshable, up-to-the-moment reports

If you want to see an Adwords dashboard then get it here:
Adwords Sample Dashboard


Limited Time Offer: Get Google Analytics and Adwords for the price of one!

Both for $9.95/month  Both for $99.95/year

YouTube Overview


Subscribers. Engagement, Posts, Views, Comments, Likes, Traffic Sources

Supports multiple channels

See trend of views and subscribers counts.

Top ranking videos and channels

Traffic sources

Video and channel posts, views, comments, subscribers and favorites.

Trends in posting activity, including page administrator and subscriber posts.

Most watched videos.

Engagement trends

Bring data from multiple sources into one report