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The Data Behind Defeating DAPL

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Wow, did the water protectors ever make a difference in Standing Rock! We mapped out the geo-locations for #NoDAPL on Instagram to show where the posts were coming from across North America, as well as when the largest spikes of interest occurred. As you can see from our gif above, [...]

The Biggest Surprise of the 2016 LA Auto Show!

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People love cars. People love posting about cars on Instagram. Analyzing the Los Angeles Auto Show grams was fun for us because it gave us so much data to work with. Car brands from all over the world touched down in California to show off their brand new vehicles. Porsche, [...]

Cyber Monday Trends That Can’t Be Ignored

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Although Black Friday seems to reign supreme as the shopping holiday of the year, Cyber Monday is sneaking up on it, and often surpassing it as the best-performing day for retailers in North America. Now, that trend is starting to expand around the world. We ran the numbers on #cybermonday [...]

YouTube Daily Views for Live or On Demand Content by Subscribed Status and YouTube Product

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Compare daily YouTube views across content type, subscriber status and YouTube product The YouTube Daily Views for Live or On Demand Content by Subscribed Status and YouTube Product report from NEXT Analytics is a refreshable report that fetches daily data on YouTube views for live and on demand YouTube content, [...]

#noDAPL Around the World

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The #noDAPL protests in the USA are continuing on, and protestors are uniting in the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline in Standing Rock. Political figures such as Bernie Sanders and celebrities such as Sarah Silverman, Susan Sarandon, Mark Ruffalo and Shailene Woodley have joined rallies to encourage participation. Bernie [...]

Instagram Neighbourhood Hashtag Analysis

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Let Your Customers Tell You Where the Next High Growth Neighbourhood Is Instagram Neighbourhood Hashtag Analysis shows you which neighbourhoods have a growing use of certain hashtags that lead you to your next big growth opportunity. Choose As Many Hashtags As You Need It just takes a little bit of preparation. The [...]