Web and Social Media Analysis in Practice

Unlocking Cohorts in Web and Social Media Analytics

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You don’t need to be Houdini to escape the limitations of your Analytics Service. You just need NEXT Analytics Free or PRO Excel Addin. Although this works equally well for PIWIK , consider this example using Google Analytics. NEXT Analytics can create a cohort much more powerful than Google [...]

Download PIWIK data, Fully Automatic, and Free.

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This is probably the most boring blog post on the planet, but if you need PIWIK data, then you will be very excited to read this article. NEXT Analytics offers free software that downloads data, in addition to a wide variety of other data: Google Analytics, PIWIK data, And [...]

The One Common Social Media Oversight Everybody Makes

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Success has always been about listening to customers. In the old days, product and messaging was done by word of mouth and a personal touch. Nowadays, you can analyze the content of Fan Pages comments and Group Discussions. Social Media Users Are a Gold Mine [...]

The Biggest Surprise of the 2016 LA Auto Show!

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People love cars. People love posting about cars on Instagram. Analyzing the Los Angeles Auto Show grams was fun for us because it gave us so much data to work with. Car brands from all over the world touched down in California to show off their brand new vehicles. Porsche, [...]