Something emerging in the world of Web Analytics or social media that needs special attention.

Download Data From Facebook

Download Facebook Data! Fan Pages and Groups, Posts, Comments, Shares, Likes, Engaged Users. Full Access to Social Graph. Any public fan page or group, Unlimited fan pages and groups, Unlimited posts, comments, Unlimited user profiles, Build your archive for future analysis. Benefit from a wide range of uses. Analyze posts and comments, Engaged users lists, [...]

Real Time Analysis VS Trends

Social Response & Progress When you put effort into your social media channels, you will want to get an idea of how well they are doing. Are you having success? How much? What is changing? At NEXT Analytics, we believe that real insights come from seeing trends over time. At NEXT Analytics, we believe that [...]

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is the science of assessing the attitude of the writer with respect to the topic he or she is writing about. The assumption behind automatic sentiment analysis is that a computer program can instantly assess the current ‘value’ of a word, such as your brand name. There are too many social media accounts [...]

Twitter Value

Since businesses started getting into the social media craze, it has changed the face of both online business and social media. Everyone can see that things like Twitter have the potential to be very important for business. However, every serious businessperson wants to know the answers to the hard questions: how is it helping us? [...]

Facebook Success & Stories

Your company might have a Facebook fan page already. If you’re a savvy businessperson, you’ll want to ask the hard questions: What is it worth? Is it getting anything for us? How well is it doing? Some of the value of social media is simply having a presence in the market. It is one more [...]

Profession-Specific Analytics

Who is Web Analytics for? It’s a broad question that may not be readily answered. Whose job is it to do the analysis? Who benefits from the results? At NEXT Analytics, we believe that web analytics is something that can be used in a variety of ways, depending on your role. Although some professionals are [...]

Device Tracking

Probably the feature of Universal Analytics with the most potential to rock the business world is the new ability to track all digital devices. Any device that generates information can be tracked by UA to produce useful data for analytics. Any device that generates information can be tracked by UA to produce useful data for [...]

Twitter & Virality

Every time you tweet you are sending a message to all your followers. As we have discussed, they may not all read it. Some Twitter users are following too many people to read all the tweets, some are inactive, and some are only interested in spouting off their own messages. However, at least some of [...]


Some analytics companies will boast of being able to find out how much of the ‘conversation’ you are involved in. They will scan Twitter or other social media to see how often your name is mentioned, and compare it to others in your industry. They will tell you these numbers as if they mean something. [...]

Demographics & YouTube

YouTube is an excellent content distribution system. You can post any videos you like for anyone to see them, free of charge for both you and them. You can make your marketing message available to a much broader audience than television, and without the restrictions on time or content. The only things you need to [...]