Google Analytics Monthly Goals Scorecard

This Google Analytics Monthly Goals Scorecard is an Excel Web Analytics report that shows Goal Starts, Completions, Value, and Abandons for the current, previous, and same period one year ago as well as showing the growth and the net change.

You get a trend for twenty Goal values over the past twelve months.

In this sample workbook, only Goal […]

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Google Adwords – Ad Group Analytics – Top Ranking and Long Tail Views

This sample spreadsheet lets you see the top ranking Ad Groups by month over one year. When you can see which months and which Ad Groups were performing better, you can imitate the winners and drop the losers. For each Ad Group, in each Month, you get the following data.

Impressions aka ga:impressinos
Ad Clicks aka ga:adClicks
Ad Cost aka ga:adCost
Cost Per […]

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Google Analytics Custom Events Dashboard and Reporting

Google allows you to store information about what a web visitor does while they are using your web site. By default, it gives you a wealth of information, but often you want to track things that are unique to your organization. They provide a couple of ways for you to store your own specific data […]

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Google Analytics – All-in-one Dashboard

it already has every single metric plotted for the past twelve months. Just click a button, and all your data shows up.

It’s easy to customize. There are three flavors of it, take your pick and customize one of them:

Dark themed charts
Light themed charts
All the charts on one worksheet

There’s nothing to learn. Just is delete the […]

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Example Dashboard shows 12 month trend for all Adwords Metrics available in Google Analytics in an Excel spreadsheet

Get a complete 12 month overview of everything that happened relating to Adwords. This easily customizable Dashboard runs inside Excel and is free for users of NEXT Analytics. Just download it, and one click later, you’ll know how well your pay per click campaigns are doing.
Download it

Customize It
It’s a simple Excel spreadsheet, so it’s easy to […]

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Monitor Your Web Hosting!

Don’t wait for your someone to tell you “Your site is running very slowly”. If you download this free spreadsheet, and click one button, once a month, you’ll be able to spot trends in poor Page Load Time, Domain Lookup Time, Connection and Redirection, and Page Download Time?

This free spreadsheet contains EVERY METRIC SUPPLIED BY GOOGLE […]

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Monthly Trend of Ecommerce Metrics (a Customizable Dashboard)

All of the metrics relating to Ecommerce, conveniently in one screen. Shows the trend of values for every metric over a 12 month period.

Get the spreadsheet here:google-analytics-ecommerce-metrics

Click the Refresh Data button on the ribbon bar. Your own data will show.
Customize It
Open the worksheet named “_actions”.

Change the year and month to a 12 month range that […]

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How To Configure a Multi-Profile Report

Google Analytics allows you to create subsets of your web site data; each one is known as a PROFILE. It’s quite common for companies to create a PROFILE for each operational division of their business. For example, this might mean each country unit has its own PROFILE. Alternatively, it might be something other than geographic […]

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Automatic Daily Publish

NEXT Analytics can automatically refresh and send spreadsheets to you each day
As of July 1, 2014, certain users of NEXT Analytics will receive a set of reports that contain up to date information. This feature has not yet been fully launched, it will be rolled out during the rest of the month.

For each type of data server […]

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Excellent Analytics for Excel Users

Microsoft Excel: The Perfect Tool for Custom Reports and Dashboards
Excel is a useful tool for preparing and presenting data to managers in an organization.

Working in Excel means one less tool to keep track of
Excel is a familiar interface
Excel lets you combine data from multiple data sources
Use Excel formulas, charts, and pivot tables
Excel lets you define […]

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