Analyze Facebook Posts for Any Fan Page and Any Date Range

Optimize and Report on the results of your Facebook Posting Wouldn't you want to know which posts caused the best reactions? Is overall performance improving or getting worse? Which post types perform the best? Compare your posts and their results with your competitors! With Facebook reports, you can't do this. The only way is through Page [...]

Download Facebook Ad Data to Your Computer or Database

Analyze Facebook Ad Data Using Any Query and Reporting Software NEXT can prepare reports using a combination of any of the following data columns on a per day, week, month, fiscal period, or life to date basis. The possibilities are endless to learn everything you need to know about Facebook Ad performance. Trends, patterns, outliers.... [...]

Advantages to Downloading Your Web and Social Media Data

Many people are finding that web based analytics by Google and Facebook are not sufficient. They seek better analysis, better security, and better means of distributing information. The answer is to download data and use Business Intelligence platforms and tools. We think Business Intelligence will bring a new era of usefulness to web and social [...]