How to download Facebook Posts and Engaged Users into Windows Excel

How to download Facebook Users Who Engage on Posts into Windows Excel Locate Nextanalytics on the Windows Excel Ribbon Bar. If you haven't already, you should authorize data access to Facebook. After that, click the Create button. Click the Facebook Posts button, then click OK on the default settings for where [...]

How to download Facebook Posts (Mac OSX)

How to download Facebook Posts when you're on a Mac using OS X In addition to posts, you can also ask to include the comments too. Here are the steps that you can follow: Create a new spreadsheet Authorize access to Facebook (if you haven't already) [...]

How to download Facebook Users Who Engage on Posts into Mac OSX Excel

How to download Facebook Users Who Engage on Posts into Mac OSX Excel   To download Facebook users, start by creating a new spreadsheet. If you haven't already, you need to Authorize access to Facebook Data. Choose: facebook data mining users post engagement [...]

Facebook Campaigns Overview

Top 10 by Spend, Clicks, and Value This fully automated report runs inside Microsoft Excel and helps you recognize which campaigns are your best and worst performers. It automatically fills in the report with data from your Facebook Ads Account and publishes the result as an attractive PDF file or Excel file. Files can be [...]

Compare your social media achievements to your competitors

  How does your Facebook Page's performance compare to your competitors? Keeping your company's social media presence current and engaging is a big commitment. To know if it is helping, one thing you should do is compare your social media achievements to your competitors. Higher numbers means your fans approve of your efforts. Low numbers means you have [...]

Learn how well your competitors are doing on social media (facebook)

Social Media -- Facebook Fan Page Tracking Made Easy People are doing their shopping online. They look for reviews and customer testimonials online, in social media. More than ever before, doing well in social media is the competitive advantage you need. Make sure you are watching how they're doing. Don't be caught off guard, adjust your [...]

Download Data From Any Facebook Page

Download data from Facebook Pages Track companies on Facebook. Download their stats, create charts and infographics comparing them: Checkins Engagement (clicks) Likes Talking about this (stories) Were Here Easy. Quick. No Training Required. It takes just a few clicks and less than a minute, and you can have as many companies as you want. Watch the [...]

Download Facebook Posts, Comments and Users from Facebook Pages

Valuable data about the users and their posts, comments, shares, and likes Bring valuable insight about other companies by analyzing what they say, what people are saying, and how they're rating what's being said. You will quickly see how many how many shares, likes, and comments the post obtained. You can analyze the type of post [...]

Extract and download Data from Facebook

Get the data you need from Facebook! Fan Pages and Groups Posts Comments Shares Likes Engaged Users NEXT Analytics Free Trial - No Credit Card Required     Benefit from a wide range of uses Archive posts and comments List of engaged users Monitor engagement and influence Keep track of likes, [...]

Competitive Analysis of Facebook Fan Pages

Gather marketing intelligence by Analyzing Facebook Fan Pages Anything visible on someone's fan page is available to NEXT Analytics for data mining. You can get valuable information about almost anyone or anything: competitors markets brands individual properties Filter, pivot, and sort using any publicly available metric... likes (public) checkins (public) were_here_count (public) talking_about_count (public) [...]