Competitive Analysis of Facebook Fan Pages

Gather marketing intelligence by Analyzing Facebook Fan Pages
Anything visible on someone’s fan page is available to NEXT Analytics for data mining. You can get valuable information about almost anyone or anything:

individual properties

Want to know more?
This capability is built-in to a NEXT Analytics subscription. Just download this how-to document and try our Free Trial.

NEXT Analytics software automatically fetches […]

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Getting Facebook Insights Data into Excel

Build custom dashboards in Excel to display and analyze Facebook Insights data. Since NEXT Analytics supports the Facebook API, it’s easy to analyze your Facebook fan page and more in a custom report with NEXT Analytics. Unlimited Facebook profiles, unlimited Facebook accounts. Discover trends, correlations, patterns and outliers quickly and make evidence-based decisions […]

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Build Custom Queries with Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube Data

Our new video showcases the speed and power of NEXT’s built-in custom queries tools. The 10-minute video showcases the NEXT Analytics Addin for Microsoft® Excel, covering how to build custom Web analytics and social media queries with Google® Analytics, Facebook®, Twitter, and YouTube™.

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Next Analytics and Tableau – Facebook Word Cloud

If you own Tableau, you can load your NEXT Analytics data in the Tableau application. Here is how you can create a Facebook word cloud using your data from NEXT Analytics.


Download Facebook-Post-Comments-Wordcloud-Tableau and enter the fan page ID, and the full path where you would like the output file to be.

Customize the Exclusion list if you […]

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Posts Shares Likes Comments

Facebook Fan Pages comments, likes and shares

Exporting comments, likes, shares and other metrics is helpful when you want to see what people think of your organization’s posts and news; or useful to check up on how people feel about your competitor’s brand. This blog article explains how to get this data from Facebook® using NEXT […]

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Facebook Fan Page Monthly Counts

Analyze any Facebook Fan Page activity with this useful monthly report. Get the number of Facebook posts, comments, likes and shares for this month, and how this month’s numbers compare to last month. It’s the ultimate month-over-month comparison of Facebook fan page engagement. The best part is—it’s automatic. Refresh the numbers as […]

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Admin Posts By Type



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External Referrals Sending Traffic to Your Page



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Fan Page Views



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People Talking About Your Page by Type of Story



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