Google Analytics Goals Scorecard

Web analysts must create and maintain reports which show the how well a web site or app is achieving the business' objectives. This sample Google Analytics Goals Report shows goals data for current period, previous period and same period a year ago. This Google Analytics Goals report makes it easy to see if things are improving [...]

Manage your Google Analytics Filters in Excel

Spam referrals are a problem for everyone.  You use hundreds of filters across hundreds of views to give you a better view of your business. Changing each one of your hundreds of filters to remove spam could take you all day to accomplish!  With a little bit of setup, NEXT Analytics can help you manage [...]

Analyze how Referrals are driving your Goal Completions

Analyze how Referrals are driving your Goal Completions If you’ve been active in promoting your web site, you will have accrued a number of external sources who drive traffic to your web site. These could be A-List bloggers, industry analysts, critics and fans, and members of your partner or affiliate network. Reaching out to these [...]

Google Analytics Custom Events Dashboard and Reporting

Google allows you to store information about what a web visitor does while they are using your web site. By default, it gives you a wealth of information, but often you want to track things that are unique to your organization. They provide a couple of ways for you to store your own specific data [...]

Example Dashboard shows 12 month trend for all Adwords Metrics available in Google Analytics in an Excel spreadsheet

How effective is your Adwords spend? Get a complete 12 month overview of everything that happened relating to Adwords. This easily customizable Dashboard runs inside Excel and is free for users of NEXT Analytics. Just download it, and one click later, you'll know how well your pay per click campaigns are doing. Download it Download [...]

Monthly Trend of Ecommerce Metrics (a Customizable Dashboard)

All of the metrics relating to Ecommerce, conveniently in one screen. Shows the trend of values for every metric over a 12 month period. Get the spreadsheet here:google-analytics-ecommerce-metrics Click the Refresh Data button on the ribbon bar. Your own data will show. Customize It Open the worksheet named “_actions”. Change the year and month to [...]

Hey, Check out our new Google Analytics on a MAC!

Watch the video, see how easy it is, then download a free trial. Free Trial (No Credit Card Required) Has ALL THE POWER that the Windows product has. Also supports: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. 10 Reasons why people use NEXT Analytics instead of Google's free reporting Automated data refresh [...]

Download Google Analytics to your Computer

Power Queries Do you need to build reports that are outside the scope of the free reports offered by Google? Multiple Account Multi-View Multi-segment Powerful ways to use goals, events, multi-channel funnels Up to ten dimensions and seven metrics -- downloaded in one query Re-usable queries over many accounts and views Big data, Efficient Refresh [...]

Avoid Google Analytics BigData Problems

Download data from Google Analytics to local storage to avoid #BigData Problems Free Trial - No Credit Card Required           Free Trial - No Credit Card Required   For many web sites, Google Analytics will send sampled data (also known as Fast Access Mode). The problem is that, when sampled data [...]

Build Reports and Dashboards with Multiple Google Analytics Segments

Build Reports and Dashboards with Multiple Google Analytics Segments Segments adds precision to your Business Intelligence Segments focus the values on a report to web events such as visits from specific geographies, those who looked at specific products, or visitors who landed on a specific set of pages. There are lots of reasons to use segments, these are just a few examples. Why [...]