How Traffic Source and Medium affects your company’s Goal Completions

Do you care to know how Traffic Source and Medium affects your company's Goal Completions? If you know which sources and medium combinations drive highest values in goal completions, you can optimize your marketing activities to promote the more favourable combinations. For example, you can increase or decrease paid advertising or organic search along specific [...]

Google Adwords – Ad Group Analytics – Top Ranking and Long Tail Views

This sample spreadsheet lets you see the top ranking Ad Groups by month over one year. When you can see which months and which Ad Groups were performing better, you can imitate the winners and drop the losers. For each Ad Group, in each Month, you get the following data. Impressions aka ga:impressinos Ad Clicks aka ga:adClicks Ad Cost [...]

How Do I Find my Google Analytics Profile ID?

After running setup, the software will guide you through authorizing data access, and choosing your default profile. From then on, many reports will always use that default. Changing the Default Profile If you would like to change the default profile, simply select it from the profiles list and click “Save Default” A dashboard with multiple [...]

Make Google Analytics Weeks Start on Mondays

Frustrated that Google Analytics displays weekly metrics starting on Sunday? With NEXT Analytics, querying weekly data that starts on Mondays is easy—like “you’ve got to be kidding me” easy. In fact, you can tell NEXT to fetch weekly data starting on any day of the week. With NEXT Analytics, you’re in control. Select your dimensions [...]

Excellent Analytics for Excel Users

Microsoft Excel: The Perfect Tool for Custom Reports and Dashboards Excel is a useful tool for preparing and presenting data to managers in an organization. Working in Excel means one less tool to keep track of Excel is a familiar interface Excel lets you combine data from multiple data sources Use Excel formulas, charts, and [...]

Upgrade from Excellent Analytics

Why upgrade From Excellent Analytics? Excellent Analytics is a free Excel Addin that brings Google Analytics directly into a spreadsheet. People love it and it's free. The problem is that it was last updated in 2012. The Google Analytics team has expanded what it provides, but the users of Excellent Analytics are still working with only [...]

What to Do When Google Analytics Generates a Sampled Data Set

When you have a busy site, large data can become a problem. NEXT can help with that. The Problem with Large Data Either: your reports get sampled data, or they take a long time to refresh because the software is constantly re-fetching historical data. Avoid both these problems with NEXT.   What is Data Sampling? [...]