Build Custom Queries with Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube Data

Our new video showcases the speed and power of NEXT’s built-in custom queries tools. The 10-minute video showcases the NEXT Analytics Addin for Microsoft® Excel, covering how to build custom Web analytics and social media queries with Google® Analytics, Facebook®, Twitter, and YouTube™.

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Export Twitter Followers to Excel

NEXT Analytics makes it easy to export your Twitter friends, followers and other lists to Microsoft Excel. Once the data is in Excel, you can build custom charts and graphs, use NEXT Analytics to perform custom queries, automatically refresh your dashboards or refresh them ad-hoc and more.

This article provides a brief overview of how to export your Twitter follower list to Excel using NEXT ANalytics. Even if you have a list of a million followers, NEXT Analytics can get them all into Excel.


Twitter Hashtag Analysis

Enter a hashtag and this widget will look at the most-followed people that have recently used it. twitter hashtag image





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Export Twitter List Members

Using NEXT Analytics&trade) to export your Twitter followers is simple and straightforward. If you have NEXT Analytics already installed, follow the instructions below to download the widget. A free trial version of NEXT Analytics Addin for Microsoft® Excel is also available:

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Downloading Twitter Lists

This little widget lets you export the members of any of your Twitter lists or from any public list of another Twitter user. Simply enter the screen name of twitter list export windowthe list owner and the list name, […]

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