Blog Article Popularity

See which of your recent blog articles get traffic from search, which are a hit on social media, and which are popular with your newsletter readers.

Shows only the URLs that contain typical blog /year/month/ combinations (…/2013/02/…), so you only see the articles.



Hot Blog Articles by Week

See which blog article was getting the most visits for each of the past 13 weeks. Hover the mouse over the line in the Excel chart to see the blog Url.

Shows only the URLs that contain typical blog /year/month/ combinations (…/2013/02/…), so you only see the articles.



Social Media Overview

Get a quick snapshot of your social media traffic, contrasting visits versus pageviews per visit, with the bubble size indicating time on site. Information is also displayed in tabular form.



Google Spreadsheet version

Visits from Social Media Channels

This report shows a breakdown of website traffic from social media channels over time, as well as totals for the period.



Google Spreadsheet version

Facebook Fan Page Monthly Counts

Analyze any Facebook Fan Page activity with this useful monthly report. Get the number of Facebook posts, comments, likes and shares for this month, and how this month’s numbers compare to last month. It’s the ultimate month-over-month comparison of Facebook fan page engagement. The best part is—it’s automatic. Refresh the numbers […]

Landing Page Entrances and Bounce Rate

See your top landing pages (sorted by entrances) with their bounce rate compared to the site average.



Top Content Bounce Rate vs Site Average

This widget shows how Next Analytics can compare a given metric to the site average, in this case for the top web pages by number of pageviews, comparing bounce rate to the site average.



Export your Twitter Followers to Excel (for You or for Anyone on Twitter!)

Export all your Twitter followers into a customizable Excel spreadsheet. Unlimited Twitter followers, powerful analytics, secure export, customizable reports, automated refresh. At NEXT, we like to give you something a little extra. Not only will NEXT export all your Twitter followers to Excel, but for each one of your followers, NEXT […]

Twitter Hashtag Analysis

Analyze Twitter hashtags easily using this dashboard from NEXT Analytics. Type in any hashtag—your own, your friend’s or your competitors—to automatically get an Excel list of Twitter profile that have used the hashtag recently. That means you’ll know who is using the hashtag and how influential they are based on the number of followers […]

Export Twitter List Members

Using NEXT Analytics&trade) to export your Twitter followers is simple and straightforward. If you have NEXT Analytics already installed, follow the instructions below to download the widget. A free trial version of NEXT Analytics Addin for Microsoft® Excel is also available:

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Downloading Twitter Lists
This little widget lets you export the […]

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