Build Custom Queries with Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube Data

Our new video showcases the speed and power of NEXT's built-in custom queries tools. The 10-minute video showcases the NEXT Analytics Addin for Microsoft® Excel, covering how to build custom Web analytics and social media queries with Google® Analytics, Facebook®, Twitter, and YouTube™.

YouTube Video Appeal Demographics

See how your videos appeal to various gender and age ranges. Download: youtube-videos-by-gender-age.xlsx

YouTube Interest by Source

See where your viewing traffic comes from and how it has changed over time. Download: youtube-interest-by-source.xlsx

YouTube Trending Videos

See your top videos this month and how they fared over the past year. Download: youtube-viewers-by-month.xlsx

YouTube Player Location Report

See where people are watching your videos from: your channel, on their mobile, embedded in a web page or are they watching right off the YouTube site. Download: youtube-profile-player-location.xlsx

YouTube Audience by Gender Age

Download: youtube-audience-by-gender-age.xlsx

YouTube Videos by Location

Download: youtube-top-videos-by-location.xlsx

YouTube Profiles by Demographics

Download: youtube-profiles-demographics.xlsx