Download Comments on Instagram Media

Getting up to date comments on media posted to Instagram has never been easier.  There are many ways that you can download groups of media information.  We talked about them in the article Download Instagram Media Information.  Once you have decided the best way to gather your media, you can also choose to analyze the Comments that are made on the media that was posted by users.

See what people are saying about your Hashtag

Lots of people post things about your brand.  Do you know if people are reacting to them positively or negatively? Download all the comments on the media that was posted using a hashtag.  This will let you know how people are reacting to your, or your competitors, brand.  Is there a common theme?  Perhaps some of these comments could provide you with an idea for a new advertisement campaign.

See what people are saying at your events

You can track comments made on media posted within up to 5 kilometers of a location you specify.    This lets you see what people are saying about your events.  Are they positive?  Perhaps there is something in these comments that you can use at your next event to make it more successful.  Track the comments made at a competitors event to swoop in and steal some customers with an awesome solution that addresses their concerns!

See what people are saying about your Account

Sometimes you just want to see how people are reacting to the media you posted.  Get an up to date summary of all the comments posted to your account.  Track a whole market by keeping up to date on what people are saying about multiple competitors, see who the movers and shakers are.

To easily curate a list of Accounts that you wish to monitor the comments for, you can choose to get information about all the media in your feed.  This lets you follow all the Instagram accounts that you are interested in analyzing.  This has the benefit of allowing you to manage your list in Instagram right when you see a new brand you want to follow.  The next time you fetch the data, the feed of comments will be updated with your new account.

If you are more selective, you can like specific media to track the comments on them.  This can be an easy way to flag specific media for monitoring using NEXT Analytics, knowing that your reporting suite will gather all the comments about these media postings for later analysis.

No matter what groups of media you are tracking, the same basic information can be gathered about all the media that was posted.  Have a look below to see the data you can monitor.

  • Media ID
  • id
  • text
  • created_time
  • from/username
  • from/id
  • from/full_name
  • from/profile_picture