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NEXT is the industry leading way to work in Excel with Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can build reports and dashboards that go way beyond what you can do with free services.

  • The Excel Addin that supports Google Analytics and Cost Data Upload is $399/year. This allows you to create and refresh dashboards for any number of web properties and profiles.

Efficiency is built-in, no need for any copy/pasting. Get fresh data with a single-click.

How it Works

NEXT  lets you query the Google, Facebook, and Twitter data servers and automatically brings the data into Excel where you create your own dashboard.

Whenever you want fresh data, just click a button, and new data arrives — fully automatic.

Will it Work for Me?

Over 20,000 dashboards a day are being refreshed by NEXT Software every day.

Our support is legendary,we have the highest number of 5-star testimonials over any other product on the Google Analytics Apps Gallery.

We can create your dashboard for you very quickly and at reasonable cost.

Since our dashboards are re-usable, you can use the same one over and over again for all your accounts and profiles, all for the same low cost.

How Much Does it Cost?

Only $399 per computer per year. This gives you an unlimited number of Google logins, accounts, profiles, as many as you want to report on.

Access to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube data is available for a very reasonable price!