How to Download Facebook Groups and Fan Page Posts, Comments, Shares, Likes, Engaged Users

Download Facebook Insights and Ads Data

Handle High-Volume Downloads by Saving to a File

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To handle high-volume downloads, NEXT Analytics saves to a file. Having data in a file lets you easily work in other applications or import the data into a database for use in a business intelligence data warehouse. This sample video shows how to download Twitter Followers of any Twitter user, [...]

The One Common Social Media Oversight Everybody Makes

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Success has always been about listening to customers. In the old days, product and messaging was done by word of mouth and a personal touch. Nowadays, you can analyze the content of Fan Pages comments and Group Discussions. Social Media Users Are a Gold Mine [...]

AWESOME Facebook Ad Examples to Inspire You

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Is it a slow day at work? Are you struggling to come up with a new ad? Is the whole team sick and tired of trying to come up with ads that don’t seem to get any engagement? Today on the blog, I’m going to show you some great Facebook ad [...]

Social Media Masters – Facebook Case Study: Taco Bell part 2

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When you’re struggling to optimize your social media strategy one of the best ways to find inspiration is to see what some of the most successful social media juggernauts are doing right. In this Facebook Case Study, I'll be showing you how one of the greats creates share-worthy content:   [...]

The BEST Way To Run Competitive Analysis on Facebook (and beyond!)

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Are you hoping to gain an edge over your competitors on Facebook? Don’t worry - Competitive Analysis can be done very easily! Here are a few tricks to make sure you are on top of your Facebook game, both in Facebook ads and Facebook as a whole. As you begin on [...]