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Our review of google data studio

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You can quickly publish nicely laid out dashboards The primary benefit is the rapid delivery of working dashboards. It is a time saver for a web analyst, and gets web data into the hands of the business user. Someone who uses Google Data Studio can produce a dashboard with only a few [...]

How To Download Data From Google Analytics 360 (Premium)

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See the section for Premium Users who's queries would experience sampling. If your queries experiences more than 500,000 sessions, you should change how the query is sent to Google. Choose this option, then name for the Google CSV file that will hold the data. It will be stored on Google [...]

Learn how to analyze multiple Google Analytics Views at once

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Most organizations divide their web traffic into Multiple Google Analytics Views. They do this for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to: organizational territories geographic territories product groups web site enhancements Perhaps the most common reason is when your site has reached the maximum number of goals and [...]

Handle High-Volume Downloads by Saving to a File

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To handle high-volume downloads, NEXT Analytics saves to a file. Having data in a file lets you easily work in other applications or import the data into a database for use in a business intelligence data warehouse. This sample video shows how to download Twitter Followers of any Twitter user, [...]