Download Anyone’s Twitter Followers

Download large lists of Twitter followers Download followers for multiple accounts at once Can be anyone's account, not just your own Handles large data, even more than a million followers each Want the data [...]

NEXT Analytics and Tableau: Twitter Word Cloud

Combine NEXT Analytics and Tableau to create a Twitter Word Cloud. NEXT can create a Word Cloud for any Twitter screen name. This article will take you step-by-step through using NEXT Analytics and Tableau together [...]

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is the science of assessing the attitude of the writer with respect to the topic he or she is writing about. The assumption behind automatic sentiment analysis is that a computer program can [...]

Who Retweeted My Twitter Messages

The Twitter API does not have a simple query to get the names and profiles of the people that retweeted your messages, but NEXT can extract this information using an advanced technique. This workbook automates [...]

Twitter Hashtag Analysis

Analyze Twitter hashtags easily using this dashboard from NEXT Analytics. Type in any hashtag—your own, your friend’s or your competitors—to automatically get an Excel list of Twitter profile that have used the hashtag recently. That [...]

Export Twitter List Members

Using NEXT Analytics&trade) to export your Twitter followers is simple and straightforward. If you have NEXT Analytics already installed, follow the instructions below to download the widget. A free trial version of NEXT Analytics Addin [...]

List of Twitter Followers (for anyone on Twitter!)

Automatically export all your Twitter followers into a customizable Excel spreadsheet. NEXT can get an unlimited number of Twitter followers into Excel, Google spreadsheet, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, or other spreadsheet software. Even someone with 1+ million [...]

Twitter Followers Timezone Analysis – Any Screen Name

This widget shows the most popular and distribution of the timezones of your followers. If you want to track this over time, we also offer tracker workbooks that keep data on your computer. Download: twitter-followers-by-time-zone-for-any-screenname 

Twitter Follower Analysis

Your followers can influence your Twitter exposure. How likely are your followers to tweet? If they do, how many people will see their tweeted message? NEXT Analytics has the tools to examine your Twitter account [...]

Get Details of Your Retweeted Twitter Messages

Get the details on all of your Twitter messages from a specific date range that have been retweeted, including the number of times they have been retweeted. Name: twitter retweets of me over time.xlsx Keywords: [...]