Project Description

Google Analytics 6 in 1 Report

The NEXT Analytics 6 in 1 workbook is the Swiss Army knife of analytics. This workbook delivers several spreadsheets that have everything you would need to know about your Google Analytics monthly data.

The workbook offers a variety of measurements that help verify your website’s returns, and insights to optimize its effectiveness.

The overview spreadsheet explains all of the website’s top content, visitors data, sources and locations to give a general indication of your site’s strengths.

The visitors spreadsheet provides data on anything you might need to know about the people who visit your site; as well as provides a map to illustrate the geographical locations visitors arrive from.

The other spreadsheets provide data on traffic sources, ecommerce, popular content and changes in trends on the site’s pages.

The Value of the Data

Having a workbook with this robustness provides your website with a tool to increase its potential. With the range of metrics this workbook can measure, you are able to strengthen your site from top to bottom.

The workbook provides valuable insight on your visitors (what they like, where they come from), the usefulness of your ecommerce, and monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

The workbook is an ideal source of information for understanding where all your returns on investments come from.

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