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Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook Insights (analytics), Facebook Data Mining, Twitter Analytics, Twitter Data Mining, YouTube Analytics (Insights), YouTube Data Mining, Salesforce, Google Analytics Ad Cost Data Upload.

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Your license entitles you to use any of our software products.


A License entitles you to one computer at a time. There is a self-serve interface that lets you transfer the license to another computer. This lets you easily move your license from a work computer to a home computer and back again. There are limits on the number of transfers per day.

Volume Discounts

There are volume discounts built-in to the purchase page. If you buy quantity 3, you get 10% off, if you buy 5, you get 20% off, and if you buy 10, you get 50% off. To keep prices in even numbers, percentages shown are approximate.

How To Cancel Your Subscription

On your first purchase, you receive an email that contains a link. If you click on that link, you can un-subscribe from there. After you un-subscribe, your license will continue until the end of the current subscription term, but you will not be billed again. There will be no refunds for the balance of the term.

ECommerce Privacy

When you pay by credit card, you are actually purchasing from a credit card fulfillment company named Fastspring, based in California. Your privacy is very secure. NEXTANALYTICS does not get a copy of your credit card information. All prices are in US dollars.  Payment by Wire Transfer and Invoicing for amounts over $1,000 are available to approved companies.