If Google Analytic’s reporting functionality is too limiting for you, get this add-in right away. You can’t go wrong with this.
Jimmy Lau
Each time I contact customer service, I get an immediate response, my issue is fixed and explained. The team cares, they want to make their product better.
Create a useful dashboard in just four minutes


Support multiple clients
NEXT Analytics is designed for web analysts, consultants and agencies. Designed from the ground up to let you manage sets of reports for multiple clients. We have thousands of users who are mostly analysts who produce reports for other people. Together, they issue over twenty thousand queries a day to Google using NEXT software as their analytics tool.

Produce beautiful reports faster
Leverage Excel to quickly create custom reports that have great visual impact. Rely on NEXT to get the data you need in a simple and efficient and robust way.

Lower the cost and time to refresh dashboards
NEXT is designed to let you build reports that are re-usable from one client to the next. It also makes period-end reporting low effort and robust.

Expert Assistance
You can’t get direct support when you use free tools. NEXT costs less than a dollar a day and you get direct support with an analytics expert as part of your purchase. Our long list of five star testimonials prove that you can go forward with confidence, knowing that we’ll be part of your team when you need a little advice or help!


  • Over 100 customizable Google Analytics widgets get you going FAST!
  • Unlimited access to all your web properties, any profiles, any segments, all the queries you need
  • Combine up to 7 dimensions and 10 metrics at once with an easy drag-and-drop interface
  • Create advanced segments and filters on the fly
  • Avoid data sampling — NEXT automatically breaks large queries into a series of short date ranges and then adds the results together
  • Takes care of the dates for you; calendar month, year to-date, weeks that start on Monday, current versus previous
  • Download a million rows or just the top 10 with custom sorting and adjustable limits
  • Uses the latest v3.0 API for faster response and all the latest dimensions and metrics