Power Tools for Web and Social Media Analysts

NEXT Analytics is a software package you can purchase for only $299/year per service or all of them as  package for $995/year.

It fetches and analyzes data from Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and others.

The analyzed data is placed into an Excel spreadsheet.

You can customize the spreadsheet any way you want. (the NEXT brand does not show anywhere)

In all aspects of its operation, NEXT has strived to make the analyst’s job more efficient in report creation as well as the period end data refresh.

When do I need it?

There are many different kinds of users: Large and small digital analytics agencies, advertising and marketing agencies, in house corporate marketers and IT workers. You’ll know you need it when:

  • you spend a lot of time fixing data ranges and formula references
  • your spreadsheets have complicated commands to index and merge data.
  • you want to show your data pivoted but Pivot Tables don’t do what you want
  • you can’t get your charts looking right
  • you have a lot of re-work each reporting cycle
  • you worry that you’re the only one who knows how to refresh the spreadsheets or make changes if they’re ever required.

Here’s what NEXT can do for you…

  • Generates analytic results that are more powerful than you can do with other tools.
     Impress your clients!
  • Offers you the ability to have simple, easy to maintain, customized spreadsheets.
    Ease your maintenance burden!
  • Fully automates the data refresh.
    Save time, take yourself out of the critical path!

Incredible ROI – Easily obtained because it’s reasonably priced!

You`ll save days each time you need to build a dashboard. One dashboard becomes re-usable for other projects, so you save even more time.

Spend minutes instead of hours at the end of a reporting period because data refresh is fully automated.

Dashboards are completely customizable. You can use Excel formatting and layout to completely customize the look, brand. Everything and anything.

All your client dashboards can be refreshed with the single license on your computer.

This is not an online service. you operate independently using your own computer. Your software connects directly to Google, Facebook, and Twitter.  Because of this, there are no arbitrary limits imposed by NEXT on how many clients and reports you support with a single license. It has special software to let you support:

  • multiple Google logins (for GA and YouTube)
  • multiple Facebook Logins
  • multiple Twitter Logins
  • You can report on as many web properties, profiles, segments as you want
  • As many Fan Pages, Domains, and Apps as you need
  • Any number of Tweets, Profiles, for yourself, friends, followers of many Twitter Ids and screen Ids.
The only limits you’ll experience are those imposed on your account by Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Key Features

  • Getting data is made easy through specialized user interace that’s easy to learn and use
  • Single click access to all dimensions and metrics: Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Built-in business intelligence converts raw data into business information without having to use a lot of Excel formula and functions..
  • Customize your own look to your reports and dashboards using Excel.
  • You are self-sufficient because it’s not a data service, it runs on your computer
  • Because it’s running on your computer, there are no escalating fees, arbitrary data limits, or limits to the number of accounts or profiles you can support (except for API limits imposed by Google, Facebook, or Twitter).
  • It operates either as an Excel Addin or as a standalone Windows program.
  • Works with Excel, OpenOffice, Apple Numbers
    • any application that can read or write XLS or XLSX spreadsheet files.
  • Dashboards are refreshable either with a single click or using Windows Task Scheduler

Built-in Business Intelligence

There are over 200 pre-packaged data widgets included in the package. We publish new ones and sample dashboards every week which are guaranteed to be useful because they are always based on a customer’s actual business need.

If pre-packaged widgets don’t do what you want, NEXT also offers a powerful user interface that lets you explore your data and convert it into useful business information.

When you use NEXT, you get  more than data, you get business information, efficiently arrived at, ready to be incorporated into your custom dashboards.

  • Lets you implement operations on the data using business rules that are repeatable and auditable
  • Filter,  combine with numerous calculation options, pivot, and sort — all are fully automatable
  • Gives instant access to trends and distributions
  • Pre-packaged data widgets gives you powerful results without having to learn technical how-to’s.
  • Take advantage of Excel knowledge to create amazing custom dashboards knowing that data refresh is fully automated.

Google Analytics

  • Easily switch between different Google User Ids to get access to all client web properties, segments, and profiles
  • Combine multiple GA Profiles in one report to compare and contrast  performance for different web properties and profiles.
  • Compare multiple GA Segments in the same report.
  • Employ up to ten nested GA dimensions at once.
  • Fetch up to seven different GA metrics at once to show them on same chart and see their trends or create custom calculations.
  • Use  drag/drop UI to explore GA dimensions and metrics, discover and innovate.
  • Innovate using all new Dimensions and Metrics such as Multi-Channel Funnel, Social Media Data and Interactions, and metro location.
  • Create GA Segments on-the-fly using text, numeric, and regex comparisons
  • Create ad hoc GA Filters using powerful text, numeric, and regex comparisons
  • Instruct GA to sort and reduce data before sending to your computer
  • Develop queries that automatically break large date ranges into smaller ones to avoid data sampling.
  • Build reports using time periods that automatically roll forward with each reporting cycle.
  • Use the option to refresh up to the end of the most recent full calendar period to simplify and automate the data refresh.

Facebook Insights

  • Seamlessly switch between multiple Facebook accounts to access different sets of Facebook Insights.
  • Simple UI gives access to all dimensions and metrics relating to Posts, Pages, Domains, and Apps.
  • Show more than one Fan Page, Domain, or App on the same report.
  • Analyze Posts, Comments, and Shares.
  • With Posts, you can get metrics relating to Individual Posts, Impressions and clicks.
  • With Pages, get stories, clicks and checkins, fans, views, and posts.
  • With Domains, get sends, comments, like clicks and views
  • There’s a broad range of metrics available for Applications including widgets, reach, engagement, installed, Terms of Service, Permission, Blocks, and API Performance.
  • Export Friends lists to Excel.
  • Ask for FB data using time periods that roll forward with time. No need to adjust the date ranges each reporting cycle.
  • Ask for FB data by specifying that only complete time periods are to be used. Lets you refresh the previous period’s data a few days into the next one without having to make adjustments.
  • Choose level of detail ranging from daily, to past 7 days, past 28 days, and life-to-date. Able to specify day-of-week, day-of-month and day-of-year to finish a period on. Aggregated weekly data is much quicker to get from Facebook than daily when the time period is extended.

YouTube Insights

  • Seamlessly switch between multiple YouTube accounts to access different sets of YouTube Insights.
  • Ask for YT  data using time periods that roll forward with time. No need to adjust the date ranges each reporting cycle.
  • Ask for YT data by specifying that only complete time periods are to be used. Lets you refresh the previous period’s data a few days into the next one without having to make adjustments.
  • Able to request metrics on Views, Locations, Demographics, and Referrals.
  • Able to request metrics for each video, or channel summary

Twitter Tweets and Metrics

  • Seamlessly switch between multiple Twitter accounts to access different sets of Twitter metrics.
  • Easily get home, user, and friends timelines.
  • Mentions, who’s following, who they’re following.
  • Profile, profile of who’s following, and profile of who they’re following.
  • Retweets by them, of them, and to them.
  • Search Twitter for occurrences of a keyword.
  • Provide or maintain text files with lists of twitter ids.
  • For each twitter id in a list, get their Profile, profile of who they’re following, profile of who’s following them, retweets by them, and retweeted to them.

Database Access

  • Supply a connection string and SQL Parameters
  • Supply a SQL statement and bring the results into Excel
  • Results can be incorporated into any other query such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. For example, get a list of Twitter Ids from a database table.

File Import/Export

  • Able to load data files that have been exported from other applications such as Bing Adwords, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Advertisements.
  • Can accept files built with tabs, commas or other delimiters.
  • Can accept files with text at top of the file as well as trailing strings.
  • Built-in functions can modify the incoming data on the fly and eliminate unwanted data.