NEXT Analytics Standalone Program

More flexibility, no extra charge. This is a new no-extra-charge option we added just to serve you better. It does everything our industry leading Excel Addin does, without the heavy IT footprint required when it runs inside Excel. This new program runs completely standalone and does everything that the Excel Addin does.

An installation so small and easy, you’ll hardly even notice you’ve done it. It’s a separate download that’s only 2 megabytes in size, so it is very quick to download. You can get a copy by visiting our Free Trial page. If you are a licensed user, it will just pick up your current license. It’s easy to install, requiring no special privileges. In fact, there’s not even a setup program. Just Extract the files from a zip file and double click the embedded program file.

Small footprint makes it run on anything. At only two megabytes in size, it has a very light footprint so it runs on any computer no matter it’s age or horsepower. We’ve also tested and found that it runs quite nicely on MACs with software by vmware or Parallels. Remember, you don’t need to have Windows Office installed. Dashboards can now be built using any Excel compatible program such as MAC Office, OpenOffice, Apple Numbers, and others. They all work fine.

Powerful Google Enhancements

  • Easily switch between multiple Google logins
  • Access multiple profiles, even from different web properties, in a single report
  • Access multiple segments in a single report
  • Multi-channel Funnel capability is now included with the product
  • All the recently announced dimensions and metrics

Vastly Improved Facebook User Interface

  • Easily switch between multiple Facebook logins.
  • Post related analytics, you can get metrics relating to Individual Posts, Impressions, clicks, comments, and shares.
  • Page related analytics, you can get stories, clicks and checkins, fans, views, and posts.
  • Domain related analytics, you can get sends, comments, like clicks and views
  • Application analytics, there’s a wide variety of available metrics including widgets, reach, engagement, installed, Terms of Service, Permission, Blocks, and API Performance.

Full Range of YouTube Insights Now Available from Easy User Interface

  •  For YouTube, NEXT lets you easily switch between multiple Google Accounts.
  • Able to request metrics on Views, Locations, Demographics, and Referrals.
  • Able to request metrics for each video, or channel summary.

Full Range of Twitter Metrics Now Possible Using  an Easy User Interface

  •  NEXT lets you easily switch between multiple Twitter accounts.
  • Tweets for a user’s home, user, and friends timelines.
  • Mentions, who’s following, who they’re following.
  • Profiles of a user, profile of who’s following that user, and profile of who they’re following.
  • Retweets by them, of them, and to them.
  • Search Twitter for occurrences of a keyword. and LinkedIn

We didn’t include these data sources in 5.0. We’ll add them back in when we release 5.1 in a few months with a new and improved user interface that will let people discover how useful these services can be.