The fact that we can easily build dashboards around both Twitter and Facebook and customize to get exactly the reports we need is fantastic. And when we have encountered a question or problem, Next Analytics support has replied within minutes of us placing a request.
I’m using this tool and I must say that he helped me to give to my clients a great value through actionable insights. The support is super- super extra fast and the team is fantastic!!! I recommend this app to any professional who aims to do high level analysis
Giorgio S
Create a useful dashboard in just four minutes
Advanced analytics of followers and their followers
NEXT Analytics provides insight into brand recognition, customer interest and demand. Leverage our Twitter reports to monitor community engagement and conversations.

Measure the value of your Twitter community
NEXT Analytics overcomes the reporting limitations of twitter by providing full access to your Twitter data. We provide lots of report templates to track influencers, participation, and interest. We make it easy to aggregate and correlate data from other social media platforms.

Rapidly produce better Twitter reports
Social media analysts use NEXT Analytics to get access to all of their Twitter data. We provide numerous reports templates to accelerate the time to develop reports. we make it easier to produce customized Twitter reports with the highest possible impact.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership
We offer our Twitter analytics solution a la carte or as part of a suite. We’ve developed the software specifically for brands, social media analysts, consultants and agencies. We’ve made it simple to manage multiple Twitter accounts and to publish dashboard updates. We seamlessly aggregate data from different social media platforms reducing the time and effort required to create social media dashboards. NEXT Analytics brings your social media data from the cloud right to your desktop. We don’t have the infrastructure costs of software as a service (SaaS) solutions and don’t impose a one size fits all model either. We pass those savings on to you and provide more powerful software at a lower annual cost.

  • Get started on your social media dashboard FAST with the included Twitter reports!
  • Track your competitors and community influencers to stay on top of what they are doing
  • Keep a history of mentions for hashtags and track your community participation over time
  • Search for keywords or special terms to gauge global interest
  • Free reports make it easy to analyze your followers and who follows them
  • Extensible script commands let you extract the profiles of people that mentioned a common term or followed a specific screen name
  • Download your own follower list as well as those that you follow