Power Tools for Web and Social Media Analysts

Key Features

Proven Technology. NEXT has a base of 1,000s of users who perform over 20,000 queries a day using our software to access Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Does more. It does far more than simply fetch data and put it into Excel. It includes a robust business intelligence engine that lets you design and publish beautiful dashboards that provide comprehensive insight into web and social activity.

Time is Money. Save both. NEXT has efficient and robust data refresh built into it from every conceivable aspect, so period end reporting is a big time and cost saver for you.

How it’s different

No Limits. You may have experienced the limitations of web product. This is either limitations on the number of entities you can report on, or their one-size-fits-all approach to reporting, unless you spend big bucks getting reports built. Perhaps the UI is difficult to navigate or fluctuates on a regular basis either slowing you down or having to re-train people.

We do the heavy lifting. You may have tried another Excel Addin. The key differentiator is that NEXT does far more than bring raw data into Excel and then force you to build complex and difficult to maintain spreadsheets. In addition, it lets you truly automate the data refresh.

Give it your own custom look. In both cases, Saas and other Addins, we also make it easy for you to build your own custom visualizations, not have to buy an expensive package or pay someone to customize a dashboard for you. Although we feel it’s better for you to be self-sufficient, we are available for custom dashboard building.


$299 – Includes support and upgrades. Very Fair! Our price, for each data service, is just $299 a year with no limits (except for those imposed by the data service itself). Volume discounts and site licenses are available. Soon, we’ll be launching an affiliate program.

Standalone or Addin – the choice is yours. Our software runs on your desktop. Your license lets you use it either as a standalone application or a Microsoft Excel Addin — the choice is yours and you can switch between them.
No limits. Since it is running on your computer, we do not enforce arbitrary limits on the number of GA Profiles, Fan pages, Twitter accounts or YouTube channels you report on. Nor do we need to charge more if you use the product a lot for a lot of clients with lots of data! Since we don’t have the infrastructure costs of a SaaS environment, and we pass those savings on to you.

It’s powerful, but not too difficult

Your dashboards are entirely self contained in a spreadsheet on your computer. This makes it easy to send to business users who need the information without the complexity of having to use a web analytics tool.

NEXT is easy to use, requiring little or no training. Because it’s installed, that means it stays the same, every day. That saves you from having to worry that the user interface will change causing you to have to re-work something or re-train somebody.

NEXT ships with numerous sample widgets and dashboards. This accelerates your understanding as well as your ROI.

We also provide complimentary access to our discussion forums which are serviced by experts. Those forums are where we share best practices and new samples.

We also offer an opt-in newsletter where you’ll regularly receive free samples and dashboard templates.

How does it help when I have multiple clients?

All of our software is designed with the practicing web analyst in mind!

  • Multiple Google Logins, web properties, profiles, custom segments and filters.
  • Multiple Facebook logins, Fan Pages, Domains, and Apps to report on.
  • Multiple Twitter accounts to report on.
  • Multiple Google ids for various YouTube accounts.
  • All dashboard and report development is re-usable when you sign on new clients.
  • The period end reporting has been made zero-touch, fully automated

Automated report data refresh

Our software is designed for brands, consultants and agencies who require production grade workflows.

Date ranges automatically roll forward at the end of each reporting cycle. The data fetch is fully automated. Any custom business intelligence functions you chose are automatically applied to the new data. NEXT software works with Windows Task Scheduler for fully un-attended data refresh.


Reports that are built with NEXT are readily portable. When you get a new client, just copy spreadsheet files to a new subdirectory for that client, change the credentials in the spreadsheet, and you’re done.

  • Automatically rolls time filters forward each reporting cycle
  • Works with Windows Task Scheduler; data refresh is fully automatable and zero-touch
  • Seamlessly manages multiple Google logins, and organizes reports by client or function

Support — we’re here to help

We give great service. We can’t say it any simpler than that. Our product and expert coaching has received the most five star ratings over any other App in the Google Applications Gallery.

This reputation for excellence has built up over a long period of time. It shows that we consistently supply good product and service at a good price.