Next Analytics suite of dashboards and flawless API integration has given us the ability to save dozens of hours each week while allowing us to help our clients make better decisions.
Dan Green
Just bought the product, but its already saving me so much time by eliminating all of the manual work I used to have to go. A quick email to support and they immediately sent me a widget for my specific need. So worth the money!
Create a useful dashboard in just four minutes
Flexible Reporting
It’s a big problem that many businesses are investing in video but are doing so without enough information to get the best possible ROI!

The data is easily available, so it’s a golden opportunity for an analyst to offer new value to organizations.

NEXT can unlock the data being collected and allow an analyst to build powerful and useful dashboards and reports.

Our exclusive query technology puts the data at your finger tips and the built-in business intelligence gives you the power to do anything efficiently and in a robust way.

Excel based reporting lets you distribute attractive and useful views of the YouTube data.

This new information could easily have an immediate positive effect and well worth the minimal investment in analytics.

Designed for Production Reporting

NEXT Analytics is efficient in allowing you to build dashboards and reports that are re-usable for multiple clients. The period end data refresh is single click or fully automatable. All you need to do is distribute an Excel spreadsheet and your clients will have all the information you need for optimizing your investment in YouTube videos.

  • Full access to YouTube Insights data for videos and channels!
  • See who each of your videos appeals to with demographic analysis
  • Track your subscribers over time to measure the impact of your marketing efforts
  • Referral reports show where your viewers are coming from
  • Location analysis provides insight into your global appeal
  • Compare video popularity over time to stay on top of trends
  • Download the comments for your videos and see who is engaging with your content
  • Specify your reporting date range and perform period-over-period analysis