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Installation and Upgrade Guidelines

Please read the following document

Installation Guide


It has help on the following topics:

  • Which Programs Do You Need?
  • Useful Links
  • Installation Overview — Where To Start
  • Enter Your Subscription Reference
  • Installation – General Notes
  • Installing the Excel Addin
  • Installing the PowerPoint Addin
  • Installing the Standalone Client
  • Installing Windows Publish
  • Overview Windows Offline Batch Utility
  • Appendix – Installation Related Troubleshooting
  • Use of Excellent Analytics Pro Software On Your System
  • My access to the internet involves a Proxy Server
  • Is My Firewall (or Spybot) Causing a Problem
  • My Excel Addin has gone missing from the Ribbon Bar
Configuration Guide


It has help on the following topics:

  • Configuring Your Data Sources
  • Configuring Google Analytics
  • Configuring Facebook Insights
  • Configuring Twitter
  • Configuring YouTube Analytics


Google® Analytics User Guide


Facebook® Analytics User Guide


Twitter Analytics User Guide


YouTube Analytics User Guide

If you have an Existing Installation

If your Addin has disappeared, please read this article:

Enabling a disabled Addin


If you wish to upgrade to the latest version: Please use the Windows Control panel to un-install prior versions of NEXT software. Then re-boot your computer. Then you can run the newly downloaded setup program.


If you have been running a free trial and have made a purchase, you do not need to install new software. Just look for the Subscription button or menu item on the software, and that will allow you to enter a subscription reference code.

How to Build a Custom Dashboard

Watch a 10-minute video, it will teach you the steps to follow.

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