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Fast and easy way to download and analyze Facebook data.
Ads, pages, posts, comments.
Easily implement your own custom monitoring solution at a fraction of the cost of a paid-service.
The Excel solution lets you monitor as many accounts as you want, even hundreds!

Google Analytics and Google Ads

Avoid data sampling, build reports with multiple views and segments in them, analyze data and develop business intelligence, distribute information using a business intelligence platform.


Search Twitter for keywords and mentions. Download followers of yourself, as well as anybody in Twitter. Get full profiles, or just a list of users who follow or are being followed.

Free Trial

90 day free trial -- no credit card required
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Download Excel Addin*

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Get better support and advice on demand. Some downloads have volume limits that are removed when you upgrade to Paid.
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Upgrade your Subscription to a Hosted Service

We take care of data refreshes, and can even provide a cloud database for your solution. This eliminates most of your IT workflows, so you can focus on analytics and delivering the reports the clients are asking for faster and you are no longered tethered to data downloads and report refreshes. Considering the time you will save, this is a bargain upgrade.
Upgrade to a Hosted Subscription