Our Excel addin helps you to develop the Reporting Solutions your clients are asking for

Powerful Queries are the building blocks

  • Build powerful queries, including reports with multiple view and segments embedded in the same report
  • Integrate your downloaded data with data from operational support systems as well as data from other services
  • For the ultimate in security, download large volumes by transferring directly to your computer

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Start a 90 day Free Trial

It’s free for 90 days because we want to you to have enough time to be sure if this service fits your needs. No pressure and no risk.

Data conversion capabilities built-in

  • Convert web and platform jargon to terminology that business users can understand
  • Use expressions to create dynamic business groupings
    • Group countries according to their business units
    • Group date ranges into fiscal time periods
    • Group page paths into functional reporting areas for each business unit
  • Calculations and filters are created within the tool then applied during the download
  • Download from multiple sources and integrate the data on the fly

Many platforms to choose from

So much more than an Excel product, you can save your processed data to a wide variety of platforms that enable to build the kinds of reporting and dashboarding solutions your clients are demanding.

  • Data refreshes can update the data in Google Spreadsheets

  • Store your results in a local or hosted database on the cloud

    • Google Cloud SQL,
    • Amazon Web Services,
    • Microsoft Azure SQL Server, or
    • host your own database and our software can update it
  • Use the database with any Business Intelligence tool

    • Google Data Studio (GDS) gets already prepared data, no more having to download giant data sets before working with them in GDS. It can also read Google Sheets which, with this software, becomes a viable option, since you can reduce and convert the data before it gets written to the Google Sheet.
    • Microsoft Power BI can use hosted spreadsheets, files, and Azure SQL Server as a data source.
    • Any commercial BI software can issue SQL queries against the tables and these tools are awesome not only at report and dashboard layout, but also distribution of reports to the enterprise client
  • Have your spreadsheets automatically refreshed

    • Spreadsheets can be automatically refreshed with our┬ásmall footprint application can be used with Windows Task Scheduler for automated data refresh
    • Upload to our App server and it will update and send as attachments in email