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All-Included Subscription

Includes Google Analytics and Ads, Facebook Data Mining and Insights and Ads, and Twitter Data Mining. You can also download data from SQL and from files. There's a price plan to suit everyone's budget. Casual users can get a license for a single source of data for just $49.95 a year. Professional users want all data sources and premium service and that's available for $440 /year package (also available for $40/month).

Free Trial

5 day free trial -- no credit card required
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Professional Version

This is the product that's been used by 1,000's of consultants and IT professionals world wide. Building mission critical solutions requires top rated power and flexibility combined with premium technical support.
Monthly Subscription – Just $40 per month
Annual Subscription – Just $440 per year
Here's an economical solution - get any one of these for just $49.95 per year
Twitter – just $49.95 per year
Facebook – Just $49.95 per year
Google Analytics – Just $49.95 per year

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Fast and easy way to download and analyze Facebook

  • Insights

    • More than one Fan Page in the same report
    • Custom date periods
    • Page and posts: Views, impressions, fan counts, engagement, places, feedback, cta, website, video views,
  • Ad Performance

    • Ad sets and Ads and accounts
    • age, country, dma, gender, frequency_value, hourly_stats_aggregated_by_advertiser_time_zone, hourly_stats_aggregated_by_audience_time_zone, impression_device, place_page_id, publisher_platform, platform_position, device_platform, product_id, region, ad_format_asset, body_asset, call_to_action_asset, description_asset, image_asset, link_url_asset, title_asset, video_asset
  • Data  Mining

    • Posts and comments,
    • Works on Any Fan Page
    • Download as many Fan Pages as you want, no limits

Google Analytics

  • Avoid data sampling
  • Custom Date Ranges
  • Multiple views and segments in same report
  • Create your own portable segments
  • Built in pivoting, sorting, filtering, and data transformation
  • Runs on your desktop, interacts directly with Google
    • (no intermediate cloud server has access to your data)

  • Search Keywords and mentions
  • Download a person’s followers
  • Download the list of Twitter users that a person follows
  • Download profiles of Twitter Users