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Fast and easy way to download and analyze Facebook

  • Insights

    • More than one Fan Page in the same report
    • Custom date periods
    • Page and posts: Views, impressions, fan counts, engagement, places, feedback, cta, website, video views,
  • Ad Performance

    • Ad sets and Ads and accounts
    • age, country, dma, gender, frequency_value, hourly_stats_aggregated_by_advertiser_time_zone, hourly_stats_aggregated_by_audience_time_zone, impression_device, place_page_id, publisher_platform, platform_position, device_platform, product_id, region, ad_format_asset, body_asset, call_to_action_asset, description_asset, image_asset, link_url_asset, title_asset, video_asset
  • Data¬† Mining

    • Posts and comments,
    • Works on Any Fan Page
    • Download as many Fan Pages as you want, no limits

Google Analytics

  • Avoid data sampling
  • Custom Date Ranges
  • Multiple views and segments in same report
  • Create your own portable segments
  • Built in pivoting, sorting, filtering, and data transformation
  • Runs on your desktop, interacts directly with Google
    • (no intermediate cloud server has access to your data)

  • Search Keywords and mentions
  • Download a person’s followers
  • Download the list of Twitter users that a person follows
  • Download profiles of Twitter Users

Free Trial

5 day free trial -- no credit card required
Download Excel Addin
Download Excel Addin*

Only need access to one data source?

Here's an economical solution - get any one of these for just $49.95 per year
Twitter – just $49.95 per year
Facebook – Just $49.95 per year
Google Analytics – Just $49.95 per year

All-Included Subscription

Includes Google Analytics and Ads, Facebook Data Mining and Insights and Ads, and Twitter Data Mining. You can also download data from SQL and from files.
Monthly Subscription – Just $40 per month
Annual Subscription – Just $440 per year