Question: What should I do to increase activity (likes, comments or shares) on Facebook (business page)?

Answer: We’ve heard this question more than a few times. Maybe you have a small business, maybe you’re getting started in your digital marketing adventures, or maybe you just need a new source of inspiration. We’ve compiled a list of seven guaranteed ideas for making sure your Facebook engagement game is top notch:

  1. Follow the clock: Keep track of when you get the most engagement. There are endless sources of data on what time of the day is the best to post. Maybe your posts are seen by the most people at 11am, but people engaged with them the most at 11pm. Try out different strategies. Now, the most important part: track your results on your analytics reports. The more data you have, the better. Over time, you will begin to see exciting patterns.
  2. Unicorn posts: You can and should post information about your brand – this may be featured menu items, special holiday promotions, promoting a BOGO sale. The trick is to mix the promotional material into content that gets high engagement.
  3. Follow the leader: Use competitive analysis reporting to help you find out which of your competitors is doing a good job, and emulate them.
  4. Take a step back: What has worked in the past? Use your analytics software to grab historical data. Create reports on past months and years. Did you have a Thanksgiving contest in 2013? Our tool can help you pull this data from Facebook.
  5. Customize it: Use Facebook Canvas Custom Audiences. Canvas is a way for brands to keep their users on their Facebook page by creating a story out of text, links, carousels, video, product feeds, and call-to-action buttons. In Canvas, you can create a Custom Audience, and can choose for someone to remain in your audience for up to one year. This means that even if someone clicked away from your Canvas, they might become convinced with further remarketing.   Jon Loomer has a great blog post on this topic. Check it out: http://www.jonloomer.com/2016/09/08/facebook-canvas-custom-audiences/
  6. Get the camera rolling: Use video. The best thing about using video on Facebook is that you are able to view how many minutes the viewer watched broken down by age, gender, and top geographic locations. Videos on Facebook give you the chance to analyze viewers on a video by video basis.  With live video, you can easily see the moments when your viewers were moved to engage. Powerful videos even get people sharing, which means more eyeballs for your great content!
  7. Ask Questions: Get some playful banter going with your audience by asking them for input, like these examples from fashion brand Leneys, and phone manufacturer OnePlus:


Giving some of these tips a go is a surefire way to increase your brand’s engagement on Facebook. Once you’re getting traffic, make sure to analyse the results! This is the ultimate recipe for success in digital marketing.