About Ward Yaternick

Founder of NEXT Analytics Corporation

Data Studio Connector

Nextanalytics gives access to data from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Analytics, Adwords, Bing, and Facebook Ads and more. The service is free, but there are additional options and capacity available to paying customers. The following paragraphs describe how to configure and then connect to the service from Google Data Studio. Configure Your Accounts and Default Profiles [...]

Our Twitter download now supports full text extended tweets

Do you want to see more than 140 characters of a Tweet? The new version shows longer tweets. For background, see this: https://dev.twitter.com/overview/api/upcoming-changes-to-tweets If you want this, just download a new version. It's available to everyone, even the free users. If you already have an installation, you will need to upgrade your Twitter spreadsheets. You [...]

How to Get a Simple and Efficient Data Refresh Solution

Attended Downloads Watch it working, but you can do other things at the same time. The first is a program that runs outside of Excel and it refreshes your spreadsheets.  We call this program "Standalone" and you can install it quite easily.   Download NEXT Analytics Standalone here. After you run setup, [...]

How to Implement Unsampled Data Access using Analytics 360

After you have purchased Analytics 360, it is very convenient to continue with the interactive dashboards. But sometimes your requests result in sampling conditions (greater than 500,000) sessions. Click the button that appears on your ribbon bar (in Windows), and you can get more detail which query is being sampled. At that point, you need to [...]

Our review of google data studio

You can quickly publish nicely laid out dashboards The primary benefit is the rapid delivery of working dashboards. It is a time saver for a web analyst, and gets web data into the hands of the business user. Someone who uses Google Data Studio can produce a dashboard with only a few hours of effort. Google Data [...]

Avoid Google Analytics Data Sampling

This blog describes an easy and free technique to avoid Google Analytics Data Sampling without having to pay for Google Analytics 360 (aka Premium).  If you have Premium, it might save you from the two step process described here. Sampled data is wrong data. There's a lot at stake, if you are publishing wrong data! [...]

Learn to analyze multiple segments and why you should do it

Analyze Multiple Segments: Why do it? In many cases, you might want to analyze multiple segments in order to: put them on the same report to compare them combine them for a subtotal look for outliers Only NEXT Analytics offers the ability to analyze multiple segments in the same report, even if the segment refers [...]