Announcing Full Support for Google Analytics Version 4

What is Google Analytics Version 4? Google Analytics Version 4 is where Google places its new development focus, so improvements they make there will are now available to users of the Excel Addin. Does this impact your existing solutions? Good news: The prior version 3 will continue to be supported as long as Google allows it, and this update [...]

Automated Daily Performance Reports

This fully automated cloud-based report examines data each day and based on the daily data, it identifies as an item as in being in the top 33%, middle 33%, and bottom 33%. That's where the high medium and low come from. It's possible to go more or less granular: quartiles, quintiles, percentiles, above/below average, and number of standard deviations. Notice, [...]

How Next Analytics helps with Facebook Advertising

What does this look like to you? It is web analytics data pertaining to a company’s Facebook advertising. In terms of web analytics data, this table is full of golden information. Unfortunately, it is not arranged in a way that makes it easy to immediately see the results. With Next Analytics, you can obtain valuable information about your advertising [...]

Download multiple fan page metrics to a Database

Web Analytics for Social Media Comparing current information to previous periods is one way that web analysts can judge the success of their company’s online presence. When using social media for advertising, you can compare current ads to previous ones. Depending on the metrics you use, you can see what effect each ad has had over time. [...]