5 reasons To Download Google Analytics Data to Your Own Database

Your company uses services: CRM, HR, Ads, Marketing and many more services. Knowing this, management demands reports that blend the data from all these sources, including data from web and social media companies. You are the web analyst. That means you are knowledgable in the free reporting that’s available from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. You also know [...]

An Easy Way to Improve Your Facebook Content and Ad Targetting

Five Reasons You Should Care About the Reach Metric when planning your Facebook Ads. Reach is a metric  from Facebook that tells how many people saw an ad. Reach is not the same as a person seeing an Ad multiple times, nor is it the same as someone clicking on the ad. These are different metrics, available separately. By seeing [...]

How to update the automated refresher program: “nxacmd”

Background: nxacmd is a Windows Console program that Windows Task Scheduler can start. This is all you need to have zero-touch fully automated data refreshes. INSTRUCTIONS to update NXACMD Lets assume the person who installed nxacmd created a directory named: c:\NEXT on your computer. Within that directory, there is a a subdirectory named NEXTFiles. Altogether, it is c:\NEXT\NEXTFiles. Within NEXTFiles, [...]

Support for Version 4 of Google Analytics Reporting API 

Version 4 of the API lets you access the following new features: Multiple Date Ranges Show both for comparison; or Google will automatically subtract metrics to show the delta Histogram Buckets     "dimensions":[     {       "name":"ga:sessionCount",       "histogramBuckets":["1","10","100","200","400"]     }], Metric Expressions "metrics":[ {   "expression":"ga:goal1Completions/ga:goal1Starts",   "formattingType":"FLOAT",   "alias":"Metric Expression" }] [...]

How to Upload Excel files to Google Sheets so that their data can be refreshed by NEXT Analytics

Step 1 – start the relationship between Google Drive and your installation of NEXT Analytics   Step 2 – Tell Google that you give permission for your installation of NEXT Analytics for it to access your Google Drive   Step 3 – Click the upload button. You will be prompted for one or more Excel Files. They will be uploaded [...]