Build Reports and Dashboards with Multiple Google Analytics Segments

Build Reports and Dashboards with
Multiple Google Analytics Segments

Segments adds precision to your Business Intelligence

Segments focus the values on a report to web events such as visits from specific geographies, those who looked at specific products, or visitors who landed on a specific set of pages. There are lots of reasons to use segments, these are just a few examples.

Why Compare Segments?

You can easily create trend charts, visualizations that show outliers, or look for patterns that relate to outside events such as marketing campaigns or different departments or product lines.

NEXT has Powerful and Easy Ways to Specify Multiple Segments

You start with the simple choice of single, all, or from a saved list of segments.

If you choose to add all segments to your report, you can then apply expressions to exclude or include expressions. For example, “add all expressions except those containing the word TEST and only if it contains the word SALE”.

  • This is helpful because some Segments are being tested, or
  • it’s a way of grouping segments that were created for a specific business purpose

The subtle power of this is that the list is dynamically calculated at run-time. So when the Google Analytics administrator adds, changes, or removes a Segment, it is automatically evaluated for inclusion in the report. You will not need to go back into all your multiple segment reports to edit them.

Do You Need This?

If you don’t want the work of having to edit reports and dashboards when you add or remove a segment, then is very valuable to you.

If you need to have multiple Google Analytics Segments on the same dashboard or report, then this is the solution for you.

  • work in Excel
  • save to a database for use with query, reporting, dashboard, or visualization tools
  • save to Google Drive Google Spreadsheets for using Google Visualization tools
  • save to an Azure Database and use Office 365

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Easily add single segments, all, or from saved list

Use powerful expressions to specify which segments to include

Free Trial – No Credit Card Required


It’s also quite popular to use Multiple Views in a report for many of the same purposes. If that interests you, you should read about that here.