The One Common Social Media Oversight Everybody Makes

Success has always been about listening to customers. In the old days, product and messaging was done by word of mouth and a personal touch. Nowadays, you can analyze the content of Fan Pages comments and Group Discussions. Social Media Users Are a Gold Mine of Information With social [...]

The One Common Social Media Oversight Everybody Makes2017-03-16T12:53:47-04:00

Competitive Analysis of Facebook Fan Pages

Gather marketing intelligence by Analyzing Facebook Fan Pages Anything visible on someone's fan page is available to NEXT Analytics for data mining. You can get valuable information about almost anyone or anything: competitors markets brands individual properties Filter, pivot, and sort using any publicly available metric... Page [...]

Competitive Analysis of Facebook Fan Pages2017-02-12T13:04:53-04:00

How to download Facebook Posts and Engaged Users into Windows Excel

How to download Facebook Users Who Engage on Posts into Windows Excel Locate Nextanalytics on the Windows Excel Ribbon Bar. If you haven't already, you should authorize data access to Facebook. After that, click the Create button. Click the Facebook Posts button, then click OK on the [...]

How to download Facebook Posts and Engaged Users into Windows Excel2017-02-12T13:05:54-04:00

Download Anyone’s Twitter Followers

Download large lists of Twitter followers Download followers for multiple accounts at once Can be anyone's account, not just your own Handles large data, even more than a million followers each Want the data refresh process fully automated Quick. Easy. No Training Required. You'll find it very easy to use and you'll get [...]

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Download Data From Any Facebook Page

Download Data From Facebook! Track companies on Facebook. Download their stats, create charts and infographics comparing them: Checkins Engagement (clicks) Likes Talking about this (stories) Were Here Easy. Quick. No Training Required. It takes just a few clicks and less than a minute, and you can have as many companies as you want. Watch [...]

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Avoid Google Analytics BigData Problems

Download data from Google Analytics to local storage to avoid #BigData Problems Free Trial - No Credit Card Required           Free Trial - No Credit Card Required   For many web sites, Google Analytics will send sampled data (also known as Fast Access Mode). The problem is that, when sampled data [...]

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Reduce Google Analytics Page Bounces with Excel

How I Use Excel to Reduce Page Bounces and Improve My Conversions In my role as CTO of NEXT Analytics, I see a lot of dashboards going through my inbox. Over the years, I've seen literally thousands of dashboards, all built by experts from all over the world. I have a confession to make :), I don’t actually use [...]

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Discover the channels that drive the sales of your best and worst sellers This is one immediately useful topic that you can invest your time and get a true payback. Start by getting Google Analytics dimensions “Source and Medium” and eCommerce “products” for the past year into an Excel Spreadsheet. This will show you: For each product, which channel performs [...]