Our review of google data studio

You can quickly publish nicely laid out dashboards The primary benefit is the rapid delivery of working dashboards. It is a time saver for a web analyst, and gets web data into the hands of the business user. Someone who uses Google Data Studio can produce a dashboard with only a few hours of effort. Google Data [...]

What You Need To Know about Facebook’s Latest Ad Format: Facebook Collection

After months of hushed rumours, Facebook quietly announced their newest ad format - Facebook Collection - this week. The format is an e-commerce dream: a mobile ad with a feature video or image, with a product carousel underneath it. When the user clicks a product, Facebook launches an instantly loaded ecommerce page, with a user experience similar [...]

Handle High-Volume Downloads by Saving to a File

To handle high-volume downloads, NEXT Analytics saves to a file. Having data in a file lets you easily work in other applications or import the data into a database for use in a business intelligence data warehouse. This sample video shows how to download Twitter Followers of any Twitter user, even ones with millions of [...]

Social Media Masters – Facebook Case Study: Taco Bell part 1

When you’re struggling to optimize your social media strategy one of the best ways to find inspiration is to see what some of the most successful social media juggernauts are doing right. In this Facebook Case Study, I'll be showing you how one of the greats creates reaction-worthy content: With over 10.4 million Facebook fans, [...]

8 Tips to Get More Out of Your Facebook Contests

If you’re thinking about running Facebook contests to get more eyeballs on your brand’s Facebook page, you’ll need a few tricks up your sleeve to do it right. So if you want your audience doing a lot more of this, follow some of our tips for Facebook contests below: Follow the rules: Stick to asking [...]

7 Tips on How to Get the BEST Engagement on Facebook

Question: What should I do to increase activity (likes, comments or shares) on Facebook (business page)? Answer: We’ve heard this question more than a few times. Maybe you have a small business, maybe you’re getting started in your digital marketing adventures, or maybe you just need a new source of inspiration. We’ve compiled a [...]