Social Traffic Summary

View this quick summary of social traffic for your website. Comes with month-over-month and week-over-week change values. Download: ga-social-traffic-details Google Spreadsheet version

Social Traffic Versus Other Segments

Compare key metrics for website traffic from social media sources versus the other visitor sources in this one report. Download: ga-social-versus-other-segments Google Spreadsheet version

Blog Article Popularity

See which of your recent blog articles get traffic from search, which are a hit on social media, and which are popular with your newsletter readers. Shows only the URLs that contain typical blog /year/month/ combinations (…/2013/02/…), so you only see the articles. Download: ga-blog-article-popularity

Hot Blog Articles by Week

See which blog article was getting the most visits for each of the past 13 weeks. Hover the mouse over the line in the Excel chart to see the blog Url. Shows only the URLs that contain typical blog /year/month/ combinations (.../2013/02/...), so you only see the articles. Download: ga-hot-blog-articles

Social Network Versus Total Traffic

View a trend of the social versus total traffic to your website. Social visits are shown as both visit count and as a percentage of the total traffic. Download: ga-total-and-social-visits Google Spreadsheet version

Social Media Overview

Get a quick snapshot of your social media traffic, contrasting visits versus pageviews per visit, with the bubble size indicating time on site. Information is also displayed in tabular form. Download: ga-social-media-overview Google Spreadsheet version

Visits from Social Media Channels

This report shows a breakdown of website traffic from social media channels over time, as well as totals for the period. Download: ga-social-channels Google Spreadsheet version

Who Retweeted My Twitter Messages

The Twitter API does not have a simple query to get the names and profiles of the people that retweeted your messages, but NEXT can extract this information using an advanced technique. This workbook automates that process for you, pulling the profiles of people that retweeted up to 50 of your recent messages. Download: Twitter-retweets-of-me-over-time

Facebook Fan Page Monthly Counts

Analyze any Facebook Fan Page activity with this useful monthly report. Get the number of Facebook posts, comments, likes and shares for this month, and how this month’s numbers compare to last month. It’s the ultimate month-over-month comparison of Facebook fan page engagement. The best part is—it’s automatic. Refresh the numbers as often as you [...]