Cyber Monday Trends That Can’t Be Ignored

Although Black Friday seems to reign supreme as the shopping holiday of the year, Cyber Monday is sneaking up on it, and often surpassing it as the best-performing day for retailers in North America.

Now, that trend is starting to expand around the world. We ran the numbers on #cybermonday posts on Instagram and saw a large portion of the mentions came from the UK and Europe, as well as South America, Australia, and South Asia.

In Australia, Cyber Monday is the peak of retail success. Germany experiences its highest successes the weekend before Christmas, so retailers are taking a note from the USA and encouraging shoppers to make their purchases earlier in the season.

What does this mean for you, the marketer, social media manager, or retailer? Amongst other things, it means that shoppers are spending a great deal of time preparing to make purchases online throughout the Black Friday weekend. Shoppers may be comparing prices while in store, and it also means that more shoppers may be taking advantage of international deals.

Instagram can be a major aid in determining where your shoppers are, and what else they are interested in. Finding out the neighbourhood your clients are living in may help you determine what types of ads may appeal to them. Hashtag analysis can help you find out their other interests. Analysing likes and comments on your posts and the posts of your competitors can bring you insight into what your customers truly want. Not to mention, this can all be done historically. Why not analyze all of those things for the past three years?

If you’re interested in finding out more about what this kind of data could tell you about your project, try it out here or give us a shout!