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Power Tools for the Analyst – Desktop Products

NEXT Analytics desktop software, both macOS and Windows Excel, is the most powerful Excel Addin on the market today for downloading data from Google Analytics, Adwords, YouTube, Facebook,  Twitter, and more.

The data is downloaded directly from the data service to your desktop computer without an intermediate service, so your data is secure and you are not restricted to a certain number of accounts, volume or update frequency.

Techhnical users enjoy the ability to create powerful queries.

  • Google Analytics, you can produce multi-segment, multi-view reports quite easily. Data is downloadable in such a way as to avoid data sampling in many cases.
  • Facebook Posts, you can download a fan page’s posts and comments as well as valuable statistics. If you are the administrator of the page, you can see user information.
  • Facebook Ads gives you a thorough picture of campaigns, adsets, and ads.  You can get data at eany of those levels for: age, country, dma, gender, frequency, hourly stats by time zone, device, place, publisher_platform, platform position, device platform, product id, region, ad format, body, call to action, description, image, link, title, and video.
  • Adwords includes the fuil suit of reports available from Google. Within each one, you can picka nd choose which columns you want to download for.
  • Twitter followers and tweets of any user.
  • Youtube channels, playlists, and videos.

If you don’t want to build your own queries, we supply over 150 usable pre-built reports if you just want to use it without learning very much. We also offer a full-service consultancy.

If you build a spreadsheet, it can be uploaded to a Google Spreadsheet for data refresh and distribution there, or you can upload it to your Daily Refresh Service or Daily Database Update.

Download Desktop Products / Access the Web Version

Download the macOS Application
Download the Windows Excel Addin
Download Free Excellent Analytics PRO
Due to virus blockers, sometimes you need to download some files from Microsoft.
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Desktop Social

Social Media Only Edition $19.95, Billed Monthly

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter Only

Desktop Full Version – Monthly and Annual Subscriptions

Annual Subscription for 1 license – $440
Monthly Subscription for 1 license – $40
Annual Subscription for 5 licenses – $995
Monthly Subscription for 5 licenses – $95

Your credit card purchase is completed by Fastspring, a global eCommerce company based in California. No employee of Nextanalytics Corporation will ever see or handle your credit card number.

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