Download Instagram Media Information

You can download Instagram media posts with NEXT Analytics with the touch of a button.  Are you more interested in Hashtags people are using?  Perhaps you have an event going on that you want to export all the media posted for.  Maybe you just want to track an Instagram account.  Get up to date information on all the most recent posts for any category

Search for media using a Hashtag

Know what people are posting using your brand hashtag.  Track the usage of a new hashtag used at an event or during a competition.  Find out what media is being posted using your competitors hashtag.

Track media posted near your events

You can track media posted within up to 5 kilometers of a location you specify.    This allows you to see what guests to your event are posting. Did a competitor host an event, track how successful it is by monitoring the posts, maybe you will find a picture in there that you can use in a future campaign.  You can also track what people are posting about your restaurant, see pictures of all the food you plated for your guests!

Track media posted by a specific account

Sometimes you just want to see how the media you posted is doing.  Get an up to date summary of all the media posted by your account during a rolling date range.  Track a whole market by keeping up to date on what multiple different accounts are posting, see who the movers and shakers are.

To easily curate a list of Media that you wish to analyze, you can choose to get information about all the media in your feed.  This lets you follow all the Instagram accounts that you are interesting in analyzing.  This has the benefit of allowing you to manage your list in Instagram right when you see a new brand you want to follow.  The next time you fetch the data, the feed will be updated with your new account.

If you are more selective, you can like specific media to track them.  This can be an easy way to flag specific media for analysis using NEXT Analytics, knowing that your reporting suite with highlight those media postings.

No matter what groups of media you are tracking, the same basic information can be gathered about all the media that was posted.  Have a look below to see the data you can monitor.

  • likes/count
  • comments/count
  • filter
  • type
  • created_time
  • user/username
  • user/full_name
  • user/profile_picture
  • user_has_liked
  • user/id

  • location
  • attribution
  • link
  • caption/created_time
  • caption/from/username
  • caption/from/full_name
  • caption/from/profile_picture
  • caption/text
  • caption/id
  • caption/from/id

  • id
  • images/thumbnail/url
  • images/standard_resolution/url
  • images/low_resolution/url
  • images/thumbnail/height
  • images/thumbnail/width
  • images/standard_resolution/height
  • images/standard_resolution/width
  • images/low_resolution/height
  • images/low_resolution/width