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Automated Daily Performance Reports

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This fully automated cloud-based report examines data each day and based on the daily data, it identifies as an item as in being in the top 33%, middle 33%, and bottom 33%. That's where the high medium and low come from. It's possible to go more or less granular: quartiles, [...]

Verify Your Shopping Cart Data

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A Concern About Accuracy We at Next Analytics were recently contacted by a business person who believed that their Google Analytics data was flawed. Our client explained that they used an eCommerce platform for everything, including the shopping cart. The client was confident that their transactions were not all [...]

5 reasons To Download Google Analytics Data to Your Own Database

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Your company uses services: CRM, HR, Ads, Marketing and many more services. Knowing this, management demands reports that blend the data from all these sources, including data from web and social media companies. You are the web analyst. That means you are knowledgable in the free reporting that’s available [...]

Support for Version 4 of Google Analytics Reporting API 

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Version 4 of the API lets you access the following new features: Multiple Date Ranges Show both for comparison; or Google will automatically subtract metrics to show the delta Histogram Buckets     "dimensions":[     {       "name":"ga:sessionCount",       "histogramBuckets":["1","10","100","200","400"]     }], Metric Expressions [...]

An Alternative Way to Create a Google Analytics segment

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NEXT Analytics presents An Alternative Way to Create a Google Analytics Segment! A segment created by NEXT Analytics is just as powerful as one created using Google Analytics. In many ways it is more versatile and easier to administer. Perhaps you need a segment that doesn't exist, and you only need [...]