When you’re struggling to optimize your social media strategy one of the best ways to find inspiration is to see what some of the most successful social media juggernauts are doing right. In this Facebook Case Study, I’ll be showing you how one of the greats creates reaction-worthy content:

Facebook Case Study - Taco Bell Logo

With over 10.4 million Facebook fans, Taco Bell has been hard at work building their following and creating posts with high engagement value. In today’s Facebook Case Study we’re going to look at what makes Taco Bell’s Facebook strategy rise above their competition, or in their own words, “Live Más”.

Note: Anyone can do research on public Facebook pages, but it can be long and tedious without the right tools. In this case study we’ll be using Next Analytics to look at Taco Bell’s last 2 months of Facebook posts (which only takes a few minutes to run!).

Facebook Case Study - Taco Bell Daily Reactions

Like-able Content 

All Facebook fan page managers want high engagement on their posts. As we can see in the graph above, every few days Taco Bell sees a spike in Reactions on their page, and the most successful posts were on September 15th and 19th, and October 20th.

Facebook Case Study - Top Posts Reactions

That’s a lot of Reactions! Let’s take a look at what each of these top Reaction posts were:

Facebook Case Study - September 15

September 15: A Contest announcement on a video post. People can’t help but click the big play button in the middle of their window!  This contest was also posted a month before the Playstation VR launch date, hitching a ride another company’s hype-train. This post managed to get 12,660 reactions, and a whopping 1.7 million video views!

Facebook Case Study - Taco Bell October 20

October 20: Free taco offer if a base gets stolen during the World Series. This was posted 5 days before the World Series began, which is great timing to get in on the hype around Major League Baseball’s biggest games of the year! (And it’s a great value-offer for taco fans!) This post managed to get 12,670 Reactions, just 10 more than the Playstation VR contest.

Facebook Case Study - Taco Bell September 19

September 19: Last but not least, Taco Bell’s most successful post during the period we’re looking at: the product announcement for a new exclusive drink flavor! With nearly 60k reactions, this post blows the rest out of the water.

Now that we know what three posts drew the most reactions from their fans, what have we learned?

  • None of these posts were text-only. All three used either an image or a video to make the post more appealing to their audience.
  • Two of the three were contest announcements. Now, not every post you make needs to be about a contest – we don’t all have Taco Bell’s marketing budget! – it’s important that your posts are engaging and exciting to your audience.
  • Two of the posts (Playstation VR and Airheads White Mystery Freeze) involved partnerships with other brands. See if you can connect with other companies or products to bring joint success to each other!
  • The most successful post was a product announcement. Taco Bell is well known for their exclusive drink flavours from other companies (Mountain Dew Baja Blast in particular), so a post about a new flavor is extremely enticing for their audience.

Come back next week for part 2 of this Facebook Case Study to find out about how Taco Bell makes highly share-able content!