When you’re struggling to optimize your social media strategy one of the best ways to find inspiration is to see what some of the most successful social media juggernauts are doing right. In this Facebook Case Study, I’ll be showing you how one of the greats creates share-worthy content:

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Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of our Facebook Case Study on Taco Bell, and how they generate highly like-able, reaction-worthy content. Today we’ll be continuing this case study by looking at how Taco Bell makes highly shareable content, helping them harness the power of their 10.4 million strong audience to reach even more taco fans across the world.

If you haven’t read Part 1 of this case study yet, I highly recommend you do!

Note: Anyone can do research on public Facebook pages, but it can be long and tedious without the right tools. In this case study we’ll be using Next Analytics to look at Taco Bell’s last 2 months of Facebook posts (which only takes a few minutes to run!).

Shareable Content

While Likes and Reactions are immensely valuable to your brand, the holy grail for Facebook marketers are shares. Someone clicking a like or reaction on your post gives your post a slim chance of being seen by some of their friends and followers, but if the same person were to share your article, it has the potential to be seen by ALL their friends and followers.

Likes:Facebook Case Study - Thumbs Up Likes

Shares:Facebook Case Study - Jonah Hill Shares


Now that we’ve covered that, lets see what Taco Bell’s most shared posts were in the last 2 months:

Facebook Case Study - Shares Trend

As we can see in the trend chart above, the three most shared posts occurred on September 19th, October 1st, and October 4th. What were these posts, and how many shares did they have?

Facebook Case Study - Shares Graph

Look at those numbers! Jealous yet? Lets see what they posted on those days to get that many shares:

Facebook Case Study - October 1

October 1st: In the lead-up to National Taco Day (October 4th), Taco Bell shared this funny “classic taco tune” to drum up some excitement. Clearly it worked! They hit 3,563 shares, and managed to get over 978,000 views! If you want to see the video itself, and I think you do, you can find it here.

Facebook Case Study - October 4th

October 4th: National Taco Day has arrived! To commemorate the occasion, Taco Bell posted the same “holiday” tune video, with a new caption. Clearly the timing worked out well for them, because this time around their video was shared 5,071 times, and was watched over 1 million times! Between this post and the previous Taco Day song post, Taco Bell got 8,632 shares, and nearly 2 million views!

Facebook Case Study - September 19th

September 19th: Look Familiar? This is the same post from Part 1 that garnered the most reactions. Now that we’re looking at shares, it’s still the most successful post from the 2 month period we’re looking at. Clearly the 11,143 shares it received helped it reach an immense audience – helping it get a astronomical 59,524 reactions. At the same time, as the reaction count climbed, the post was shown to more people, leading to more shares, a higher reaction count, larger audience – well now we’re just going in circles! This is what happens when everything goes right for your post, and you see your results move from successful to viral.

Now that we’ve seen the three most shared posts from this 2 month period for this Facebook Case Study, what takeaways do we have?

  • No Text-Only Posts: This must be part of your Social Media strategy, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform.
  • Funny videos get tons of shares (and views!): With just one video, posted twice, Taco Bell managed to get nearly 2 million views, 13,217 reactions, and 8,632 shares. Talk about ROI!
  • Give your fans what they (and their friends) want: The Airheads flavour announcement built its success on Taco Bell’s track record for exclusive drink flavours, something that they know their fans want. They leveraged this to get even greater exposure, knowing that their fans would not only click a Reaction, but they’d want also share it because they want their friends to see it!

So there you have it! When you’re searching for inspiration for your social content, it always helps to take a closer look at how some of the big brands operate massively successful social channels. Ultimately, it doesn’t even matter if they’re in the same industry – what matters is that you find great ways to connect with your audience before your competition does!