Google Analytics Mobile Effectiveness Report

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Google Analytics Mobile Effectiveness Report

Analyze the behaviour of your mobile visitors against those on non-mobile devices in this simple, useful report. The Google Analytics Mobile Effectiveness Report has everything you need at a glance to determine how well your mobile visitors engage with your site. Don’t waste time wading through Google Analytics. Let NEXT Analytics gather the data from Google Analytics for you and give you what you need to know about mobile effectiveness automatically.

What will the Mobile Effectiveness Report Show Me?
The Mobile Effectiveness Report directly compares mobile users vs. non-mobile users for the following metrics:

  • Visits
  • Pageviews per Visit
  • Average Time on Site
  • Visit Bounce rate
  • % New Visitors
  • Conversion Rate
  • Value per Visit
  • Total Transaction Revenue
  • Transaction Revenue per Visit
  • A List of the most popular Mobile Devices visitors use to view your site
  • A breakdown of the following metrics by device:
    • Number of Visits
    • Pageviews per Visit
    • Transaction Revenue
    • Transaction Revenue per Visit

Why Mobile Effectiveness is Important
Let’s use an example to illustrate why mobile effectiveness is important. Walter owns a surf shop. He sells the latest surfboards and wetsuits in-store and online. He hired a website developer to make him a cool, super-slick website that he thinks will definitely entice young surfers to buy. Online sales trickle in, but Walter is not pleased. Surf season is about to begin and he needs his sales to increase dramatically.

Walter has set up a Google Analytics account, but he doesn’t have the time—or the expertise—to make sense of any of his numbers. The visits and pageviews per visit for his site look strong. He keeps checking his website on his PC to make sure everything is working properly.

What Walter doesn’t know is that his site is not performing well for people who visit via a mobile device. The text is hard to read and the “BUY NOW” button is obscured. Since the majority of his web traffic is from mobile devices, Walter is missing out on huge potential for profit.

Walter installs NEXT Analytics and downloads the Mobile Effectiveness Report. In seconds, Walter can see that although many people visited his website using a mobile device, bounce rate was extraordinarily high and conversion rate and transaction revenue were low. The best part is that Walter didn’t have to spend time learning about Google Analytics—and he didn’t have to pay an expensive analyst to do it for him. He let NEXT do all the heavy lifting.

Using the data in his report, Walter adjusted his site to be more attractive to visitors using mobile devices. It didn’t take long for his mobile stats to improve and he used the extra revenue to launch a new line of bodyboards just in time for peak surfing season. Walter refreshes his Mobile Effectiveness Report with the “Refresh Data” button every week to keep on top of the numbers.

How to Get Your Own Mobile Effectiveness Report

  1. Install NEXT Analytics to your computer. (Download a FREE 14-day trial)
  2. Download:ga-mobile-effectiveness.xlsx
  3. Click on the “NEXT Analytics” tab on the ribbon bar and then click “Subscription” to get your Confirmation Code.


  1. Click “Publish” to authorize NEXT for Google Analytics


  1. Click “Refresh Data”


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