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10 Reasons why people use NEXT Analytics instead of Google’s free reporting

Automated data refresh and distribution

  • Zero-touch; after you set it up, you don’t need to coddle it.
  • Easy to train other people to operate it.
  • You want reports that are robust, hard for end users to tamper with
  • When an issue occurs, you need a useful audit trail and easy re-start

You are running into data sampling

And you don’t have $100,000 to spend on Google Analytics Premium.

Multiple Segments and Views needed in the same report.

Automatic rolling reporting periods

So that the automated data refresh knows which time period you are reporting on, even if you are few days into the following reporting period.

Powerful custom queries

  • up to seven dimensions and ten metrics in same query
  • powerful iterative filtering on text, dates, and numerics
  • create custom dimension on-the-fly, e.g. combine medium and country, and treat it as a single dimension for post query sorting or filtering
  • calculations on numeric columns, give me the average of the most recent three months and compare to the same months from last year
  • dynamically calculated summary columns/rows/pages
  • ability to define custom time periods such as fiscal quarters, or ranges of dates in an ad campaign

Powerful Cohort Analysis

  • need to create a crosstab of any dimensions, up to six levels of nesting
  • special treatment for date ranges, when they are on the column axis
  • auto-grouping of un-wanted columns
  • ability to iteratively sort, filter, and calculate data

Multiple-datasources and multiple queries in the same report

  • Multiple queries
  • Multiple properties
  • Different time ranges and time aggregations
  • Include social media reports

You want to add your own design elements

You want to create branded reports that can be easily re-used for different businesses / clients.

Your users want reports in Excel, Google Spreadsheet, or using a Business Intelligence tool

  • NEXT Analytics can automatically put data into a Google Spreadsheet
  • A Google Spreadsheet can be used as a datasource for a mobile solution
  • NEXT Analytics can also automatically upload to a database so that the data can be reported on by any business intelligence tool
    • It can be a local database, or a cloud database hosted by Google Cloud SQL, Amazon Web Services, or Microsoft Azure.