Make Google Analytics Weeks Start on Mondays

Frustrated that Google Analytics displays weekly metrics starting on Sunday? With NEXT Analytics, querying weekly data that starts on Mondays is easy—like “you’ve got to be kidding me” easy. In fact, you can tell NEXT to fetch weekly data starting on any day of the week. With NEXT Analytics, you’re in control.


Select your dimensions and metrics you want to analyze as usual, then click on the “Dates” tab. Under the “Day by Day” sub-tab, select whether you want the “last full Calendar Period” or a “Rolling Time Period.” Full explanations of these time period options can be found in our “Google Analytics User Guide” on our support page.

Select how long you want the time period to be. Notice that the “period starts on day” 1 by default. According to Google Analytics, day 1 is Monday. You can change the number to have your results start on any day of the week.

When you’re done selecting the date range, just click “Refresh Data” on the top right-hand side of the screen and watch the magic happen!