Monthly Trend of Ecommerce Metrics (a Customizable Dashboard)

All of the metrics relating to Ecommerce, conveniently in one screen. Shows the trend of values for every metric over a 12 month period.

Get the spreadsheet here:google-analytics-ecommerce-metrics

Click the Refresh Data button on the ribbon bar. Your own data will show.

Customize It

Open the worksheet named “_actions”.

Change the year and month to a 12 month range that suits your reporting needs. Cell B4 controls which 12 time periods. For example, the following text can be pasted to cell B4 to choose from June 2014 to June 2015:


You can change the Segment by modifying cell B5. Remove the gaid:-1 and put in your desired segment value.
You can change the Profile either by modifying your default value (in the Subscription dialog box, the Data Access tab). Or you can lock this spreadsheet to a specific profile ID value by entering one after the last comma in cell B6.


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