NEXT Analytics and Youtube

NEXT Analytics has made YouTube  reports easy. Running a YouTube query or building a dashboard from the NEXT Analytics software is simple. We have also created How To videos to help you obtain the most out of your dashboards.

Once you have the NEXT Analytics Excel Addin installed, start by clicking on “Get Sample Widgets”. This will load any new or updated widgets from the NEXT Analytics website to your NEXT Analytics software. Then, click on “Add Widget”.  A window will pop up and you will see all the available widgets. Locate the YouTube widgets.


widgets window youtube



From the available widgets you can build a dashboard with the following metrics;

YouTube Channel – Demographics

Channel Demographics

YouTube Channel – Locations

yt channel locations

YouTube Channel – Referrers

yt channel referrers

YouTube Channel – Views

channel views

YouTube – Top videos by location

channel locations


YouTube Videos – Locations

video location

YouTube Videos – Referrers

yt video referrers

YouTube Videos – Views

yt videos views


YouTube Videos – Audience by Gender and Age

audience by gander and age



You can customize the cells and the graphs as needed. Also, you can add multiple widgets into a dashboard. This video can show you how to use widgets to build a dashboard.

How to video