NEXT Analytics – The power of Widgets

//NEXT Analytics – The power of Widgets

NEXT Analytics – The power of Widgets



Pre-Built and Refreshable

Widgets have been updated and improved. With a one click of  “Get Sample Widgets”, you gain access to all the available widgets right from the NEXT Analytics website. We’ve made changes to how widgets are used. We’ve added a variety of new widgets and we have made them easier to access and use. If you require assistance, you can view our new How To videos, or access our Live Chat to speak with a NEXT Analytics expert.

New Widgets added, Now more than 100 available

NEXT Analytics offers pre-built widgets that make it easy to build and refresh dashboards. You can customize and re-arrange the cells and personalize each dashboard to fit your business needs.

Widgets allow you to make your reports auto-refreshable. You can set up your reports to use specific dates set with any number for past periods (past (number) periods) and you can also set the date to periods to date.

Using widgets to build dashboards gives you the freedom to combine web site data from Google Analytics with social media data within the same report. NEXT Analytics widgets don’t only give you access to Google Analytics, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also include in a report; Salesforce, YouTube, and Bitly.

Within one report you can put multiple web properties and social media pages.

 You only need one dashboard for all your analytical needs

Using widgets is easy. We have prepared a How To Video to assist you in building a dashboard using widgets.

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