Project Description

Google Analytics – Your Site Traffic Results

GA sources overview dashboard

The NEXT Analytics Sources Overview dashboard is a helpful tool for knowing how your site gathers visits.

The dashboard uses your Google Analytics to analyze in one dashboard the sources metrics.

The pie chart illustrates your traffic sources and the percentage each accumulates in directing visitors to your site.

A series of key words are listed beside the chart. They are key words visitors searched before being directed to the website.

A series of metrics based on the key words listed are also provided that measure details of visits.

Below the chart are a series of metrics broken down by source and medium; measuring where visitors came from and what their visit consisted of (time, page views).

The Dashboard’s Value

Your online advertising budget can be optimized through the data the dashboard provides.

Knowing the top keywords people use to search before coming to your site can bring in more traffic with AdWords or strong SEO with those keywords.

A strong organic search is a result of strong SEO.

Understanding which sources bring in the most traffic can help determine the value of your ad spending – as well as which mediums to spend more money on to maximize visitor potential.

The Sources Overview dashboard is an all-in-one tool providing you with metrics that help determine the most effective sources and keywords.

Using this dashboard on a regular basis helps to ensure you are getting the most out of your online ad spending and SEO.



Google Analytics Sources Overview Dashboard