How does your company measure up against your competitors? With NEXT Analytics Social Media Competitive Tracker, you can monitor your competitors Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can build Facebook and Twitter trend reports. This information can be vital to your business planning strategy.

The Social Media Competitive Tracker collects your competitors fan page likes, total number of people “talking about this”, check in’s, and number of “were here”.

For Twitter, the Social Media Competitive Tracker will collect their followers count, who they follow (friends_count), the number of status updates, and the total of status updates including retweets (statuses count).

Use this report to build personalized and customized dashboards that your company can use to monitor your social media growth and compare it to your competitors.



How to use the Social Media Competitive Tracker


The attached xlsx file is a template to allow you to track any number of competitive Facebook and Twitter pages.  Setting up the tracker is as simple as modifying / adding lines at the top

Sm tracker 1-2 resultion



[TWITTER_HANDLE] is exactly what you see on twitter for the user that you wish to analyze

Sm tracker 2


The [FB_OBJECT_ID] is the ID of the Fan Page that you wish to analyze.  This can be found in our product by search for the user’s page

Sm tracker 3

The [COMPANY_NAME] is the Plain English name for the company.  This will define what the Tab will be prefixed with when you refresh the report


For each line starting in uiset it will create two tabs:

[COMPANY_NAME] Twitter and [COMPANY_NAME] Facebook


Each day that this is run it will append a new row to these pages, collecting basic historical data for your chosen companies.  I have color coated the example so it is easier to distinguish


Sm tracker 4png

Once you have configured your tracker to run each day, it is best to set it up in a Windows Task Scheduler to run every day automatically.  I would suggest that you set it to run in the middle of the night some time.  You can see instructions on how to set this up here:

Download the Spreadsheet file: