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Desktop Social

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter Only

Social Media Only Edition $19.95, Billed Monthly

Desktop Full Version

Monthly Subscription for 1 license – $40
Monthly Subscription for 5 licenses – $95
Annual Subscription for 1 license – $440
Annual Subscription for 5 licenses – $995

Automated Publishing

Automated Data Refresh – Billed Monthly $150
Automated Database Update – Billed Monthly $150

NEXT Analytics desktop software, both macOS and Windows Excel, is the most powerful Excel Addin on the market today for downloading data from Google Analytics, Adwords, YouTube, Facebook,  Twitter, and more.

It’s for the power user, though we do supply over 150 usable pre-built reports if you just want to use it without learning very much. We also offer a full-service consultancy.

You can download the software from the support page. The prices for desktop software are listed below.

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